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  • When: 12/09/17
  • The PAX: Mad Hatter, Rim Shot, Drone, Hollywood (TRIBUTE), *69, Wrangler, The Force, Jumanji, Gambler, Papa Smurf, McDreamy, Osteen, Outhouse, Sea Crab, Moonwalk, D-Nice, Dollar Bill, Seatdown, Bada Bing, Heisenberg, Seinfeld, PUD, Zamboni, Wahoo, Slash, Tinker Toy, Septum, Wahoo and Pyro

NO takers from any Badlanders on the Pre-Poseidon Dolly. So YHC, Seatdown, Jumanji and a “coming in HOT” Heisenberg knocked off the Un-Floridian like chill with a quick mosey tour of some homes and Christmas lights around our newest AO. As we turned into the homestretch and back at 2514 South Beach Parkway, YHC was delighted to see the shivering PAX waiting to see what was in store.


Conditions: “Tim said it would be like this” – a wet and chilly morning in the upper 40’s … not sure if I’d take this or the 10000% humidity and mosquitoes in Badlands


After a quick greeting, disclaimer and welcome to 4 FNG’s and 2 Welcome Back #Kotters we moseyed to the field.


Warm-Up / COP:

  • SSH IC x 15
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 15
  • Toy Soldier IC x 15
  • Merkin IC x 10
  • Hillbilly IC x 15
  • Reacher IC x 15
  • Late Arrival of FNG … to the Pit of Misery DILLY DILLY – 10 Burpees OYO
  • Squat IC x 12
  • Plank Jacks IC x 15
  • Circle Burp – one of YHC’s favorites (high knees and PAX go around the circle yelling “down” for a total of 29 burpees)


Switzer for instructions on THE THANG:

YHC spoke about 1st and 2nd F

Pair up and mosey the long way around the park to the playground. Learn 3 things about your partner (i.e., family, work, etc.).



Pull-Ups and Merkins – gotta equal 11 (i.e., 10 pull ups & 1 merkin). Mosey around the playground to equal one round. Continue with 9 pull ups & 2 merkins and mosey around. And so on.


Pax lead through LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Monkey Humpers, Tempo Squats until the 6.


Pair up again but with someone different. Learn 3 things about your new partner and mosey back onto the field.


Pyro’s Bear Crawl Box of Death

4 cones in a large square. Always Bear Crawl facing EAST.

First Round 20 reps at each cone, Second Round 15 reps, and so on.

#1 Squat Jacks: 20-15-10-5

#2 Monkey Humpers: 20-15-10-5

#3 Bobby Hurleys: 20-15-10-5

#4 Groiners: 20-15-10-5


Pax lead through Hello Dollys, WWI Sit Ups, LBCs until the 6.


Pair up again with a new partner and discuss “what you would like to get out of F3” on the mosey over to the basketball court.


Line up on the sideline for a Broad Jump, Mucho Chesto modified suicide.


YHC had the VOLLEYBALL Courts in his sight all morning. As soon as his car headlights shone on them at Zero Dark Thirty he knew he had to get them in somehow.


Pax mosey to the Sand Pits

Army Crawl through the first court, Sprint through the second court, and Army Crawl through the last one. Mosey back to the field.



Naked Moleskin / BOM:

Continuing on with our Core Principle for the month – DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM!!!

YHC spoke about how we wouldn’t be okay when we picked up our car from the mechanic and only 80% of the work was done. Or if your employee only gives you 70% of the project that was due. Or if you paid for just half a sandwich or meal. Then why do we expect that of ourselves. We should always put in maximal 100% effort into what we do … our jobs and our workouts. Especially the things that really matter to us … like our families, our kids, our marriages. Don’t settle, Expect and Demand the Best!


29 TOTAL PAX, 5 FNGs, 2 KOTTERS for the INAUGURAL POSEIDON workout! Where we you?!? YHC and 28 others can say “WE WERE THERE”


Thank you men for the opportunity to lead! Always an HONOR!


Peace Out – PYRO

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