Reindeer Games

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  • When: 12/14/2017
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Snaggle, Zamboni, Starks, Gambler, Cornhole, Seinfeld, Dollar Bill, Keebler, Pom Pom, Cramer, Snookie, Squeege, Slash, Air Bags, Bada Bing, Outhouse, Tinker Toy, Skim, Full Monte

In the delightfully crisp pre- dawn air, YHC was met with the (mostly) engaging countenance of 20 Badlanders who, upon request from YHC, reminded one another that their MO was for the man to their left and right. YHC followed with a recognition that there isn’t an “I” or “Me” underpinning the three F’s. We also took that opportunity to remember or country and flag with a (mostly) accurate rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s been a long time since 4th grade…

Warm up

25 burpees – in honor of December 25th!

Single arm SSH x 25

Crab humper x 25

Chinook x 25

Birth Canals x a bunch…



  1. FORK TO THE FENCE: Pair up and mosey left to the first ball field—leaping the fence

P1 = sprints bases—crawl bear, sprint, bear crawl, sprint (alternating between bases)

P2 = fork to the fence (i.e. balls to the wall). Switch and repeat.


Mosey to the concession stand, by way of way too much crab walking and lunges.


  1. BENCH PARTY—25 dips/ 25box jumps/25 derkins/25irkins…there’s that number again…


  1. TWO ROUND TABATA (5 exercises: Heels to Heaven, skater lunges, Supermans, hand-release Merkins, mountain climbers—25 secs of work/ 10 secs rest)


Mosey down Bear Crawl Hall—and paying homage to bears everywhere—bear crawl/ lunge to 2nd parking lot

  1. REINDEER GAMES: Stop at each of 8 light posts (in honor of Santa’s sled machines) and perform 25 exercises for each 4- legged beast: DASHER = Dry Docks; DANCER = Dancing Bears; PRANCER = Peter Parker Merkin; VIXEN = V-ups; COMET = crab humpers; CUPID = crunchy frogs; DONNER = ‘Down/Ups’ (aka jump squats); BLITZEN = Burpees. Carioca, backward run, jump, skip between lights. One arm plank for 6; Mosey as a herd


  1. SANTA SUICIDES—start at curb and sprint to Outhouse’s house (Portajohn that was 50 yds away at 25% effort, return at 50% effort, sprint back at 75% effort, then sprint to flag at 100% output

COT/ CR/ NR/Announcements

YHC reminded the pax to consider their impact to others in this holiday season. Are they a ‘gift’ to others, or rather a challenge that others must navigate around or avoid? We remembered Matt 20:28…The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…

Prayers for health, jobs, relational needs expressed and received.

Peace out– McD

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