A Merry Bowzer Christmas

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  • When: 12/23/2017
  • QIC: Bowzer Claus
  • The PAX: Toxic, Hollywood, Heisenberg, Fued, LIFO, Pud, Snuffy, Dr. OKie, Xenu, Twister, FNG – Pisstol, Big bird. Seatdown, Septum, De-nice, Bowzer

Twas the day before the day before Christmas and all thru the park, not a creature was stirring, except for 16 Pax  including one fng For Bowzer’s  12 days of Christmas holiday beat down.


Circle up on the field, YHC gave the disclaimer, 1 FNG recognized and welcomed.

2 SSH (IC)

1oHillbillies (IC)



1o Reachers (IC)

10 Flutter kicks (ic)

10 burpees oyo- Thanks to De-nice

Pre thang

To get everybody in the holiday spirit YHC brought out the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley for a little Santa Claus is coming to town merkin love .  The Pax held a plank but did a merkin when the king sang Santa Claus.   I think all of us were a little bit more cheery and bright afterwards. We then did a mosey to the statue for:

The Thangity Thang!!

After a salute to the missing Pyro with a few calf raises YHC brought out the 12 days of Christmas. The pax broke up into teams of around five and were each given a sheet of  lyrics to operate off of. Once completed the pax  wagon wheeled until all the groups were done. All totaled the following exercises were performed swimmingly and with great cheer!

12 burpees in a pear tree

22 wide armed Merkins

30 sumo squats

36 Mountain climbers- each leg

40 flutterkicks

42 Hb step ups each leg

42 dips a dipping

45 legs a lunging

36 frogs  a crunching

30 big boy sit ups

22 calves a raising

12 decline Merkins

Disclaimer:  I am a theater major so if any of those numbers are incorrect, I’m not responsible.

There were a few in our midst that actually followed the instructions and sang some of the lyrics. For that I thank you. After our Christmas Carol we moseyed over to the field for a little reindeer suicide action .

The story of Rudolph the red nose reindeer is often missing one key component as Yhc explained. The other reindeer did not exclude  Rudolph  because of his red nose, no they excluded him because when he got to The north pole they discovered he was a big fat lard ass!  All he did was sit around and drink PBR and eat Cheetos!  That’s how he got his red nose! It wasn’t until Dasher invited him to join F3 that he proved himself to be worthy to lead Santas sleigh!

The suicides entailed Merkins, monkey humpers, Little baby crunches and some Merkins. Heisenberg made some crack about already doing Merkins but YHC quickly reminded him who was making this up as he goes!

After the suicides we partnered up for some Rudolph 1,2,3 for 100 Merkins, 200 squats and 300 lbc’s.

At some point during this Pisstol professed his hatred of YHC. So be it.

Guldurn it, there was still about 8 minutes left so we did a 10 yard bear crawl, 20 yard dash and another 10 yard bear crawl.  We did the same thing on the return trip but did prancing reindeer crawls instead.

We finished with a round of Guantanamo Bay and I hear shouts of “one more time!” But alas….we were done.


YHC reminisced about joining F3 a year ago this month and appreciates the non-creepy love that each PAX brings (some of it is crusty love, but that’s ok!)

Prayers for Ashley and Kirby and those traveling and less fortunate.


Merry Christmas and to all a good night!



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