Fire and Ice – Poseidon 2017.12.30

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  • When: 12/30/2017
  • QIC: Jumanji and SeatDown
  • The PAX: Snookie, Rimshot, Papa Smurf, Mad Hatter, The Force, Cuatro, Crash, Pom Pom, Airbags, Costanza, Kramer, Skim, Check Please, Tinker Toy, Osteen, McDreamy, Gizzard, Keebler, Twister, Slash, Wrangler, FNG Adian Speedo, FNG Matt Thong, FNG Alex Flash, FNG Tim Banjo

Poseidon 2017.12.30
Thursday, December 30, 2017
07:00 AM
27 PAX fought the cold, embraced discipline and answered the call to Poseidon. YHC made a late request to team up with Jumanji to bring a little fire and ice to the beach on our last beatdown of 2017. The underlining themes for the day were 1)Our core value for December – “Disciplined over the long run, focused on the long term and big picture” and 2)Goal setting, planning, and intentionality.
There was a cry for some “Bad-A Spartan Training” rising from the Badlands, so this duo were more than happy to oblige.

Circle of Pain:
Jumanji led a comprehensive warmup and then took the PAX on a string of pearls, circling the park and ending in the field.
YHC led one more round of 4 sets of arm circles to ensure the upper body was ready…

The Thang:
Mosey to the playground…
Mucho Chesto with Pull-Up Kicker:
20 Wide
5 Pull Ups – 10 Sec Hang at top after 5th Rep
20 Regular
5 Pull Ups – 10 Sec Hang at top after 5th Rep
20 Diamond
5 Pull Ups – 10 Sec Hang at top after 5th Rep
20 Staggered Right
5 Pull Ups – 10 Sec Hang at top after 5th Rep
20 Staggered Left
5 Pull Ups – 10 Sec Hang at top after 5th Rep

The Illinois:
30 Yards Sprints followed with an exercise done in cadence A)10 Flutter Kicks B)10 Hollow Holds C)10 Supermans
The cadence leader rotated down the line of PAX and we repeated the sprint/exercise until all had lead
With 27 PAX, that was as rough as expected

Bear crawl to the Flag and circle up

Circle of Trust:
Besides the fact that running is fun and essential to COMPETING in a OCR… Why did we do the Illinois? Because of one simple goal of pushing the men out of their spot in line and showing them that they can lead. Was it repetitive and a little annoying… you bet; but hopefully worth it.
It has been said that Americans spend more time, in a given year, planning a single vacation than their retirement and eternity, combined. Let us not fall into the norm, let us be intentional with how we spend our time, talents and treasure. May 2018 be a time when we all focused on what’s important and made positive progress a priority.

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