The Exciting Adventures of the Block

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When: 1/13/2018

QIC: Snuffy and Flounder

The PAX: PUD (he likes buttuh), Thoat Swab, Fued, Synapse (respect), Toxic (double respect), Septum, Snuffy (respect), Farah and Farah (double respect), Nair, D-Nice, Drone, Ratchet (double respect), Bigbird, Dr. Okie, Boucher (respect), Lifo, Pyro, Xenu (respect), Machiato (spelling?), Flounder (YHC)

On a chilly, overcast morning, 20 PAX converged on Anchor for a team building experience and a chance to get to know their team mates, and their cinder blocks, a little bit better. All this while enjoying the scenery of Mermorial Park and the many runners, including Twister, running the Best Damn Race in Jacksonville.

Warmup: Led by Snuffy
21 SSH First two in cadence, remaining 19 done in silence and in unison. If the group did not stop in perfect unison, all PAX had to do 10 burpees. One or two PAX, of course, weren’t paying attention, and burpees were enjoyed by all.

21 LBAC Forward IC

21 LBAC Backward IC

21 Chinooks IC

15 Reachers

The significance of 21 is that’s the number of points the Jags beat the Steelers by during the regular season. Not sure why we only did only 15 reachers, but it may have something to do with the two Q’s being old and tired.

The Block’s Great Adventure (Slosh Pipes may be substituted for blocks), a block-o-rama for the ages. Led byFlounder.

Flounder discussed first the importance of teamwork and how men need to be strong, but depend on each other to help make them stronger (iron sharpens iron). PAX were instructed to team up with somebody they don’t know very well and head to a station around the park with their block, coupons to slosh pipe.

Each bench around the park is a station. Each team moseys to a station with one block or pipe per person, does whatever is written at that station, then, after completing exercises, runs a lap (0.25 mile), with the block, past the station they just completed, to the next station and completes those exercises, then runs a lap to the next station. Each station also included a discussion point for the teams to discuss while running their lap to help them get to know each other. Repeat until the Q calls the time.

Station 1 – 20 Hail Mary – First man does a merkin on ground, second man with his legs on first back, then does a dip on the bench. Rinse and repeat.
Switch places and repeat Hail Mary

Station 2 – 20 Big Boy Sit Ups – With block on your chest or use the block to hold your feet down
20 LBC’s – With block on chest

Station 3 – 20 Jump Ups – With block if you can, modify into step-ups with a high knee lift (count each leg separately) and use your block
20 Lunges

Station 4 – 20 Squats – With block
20 Bench Press with Block while holding legs in 6-inch killers

Station 5 – 20 Derkins – feet on bench, modify by placing feet on block instead
20 Inclined Merkins – on bench or block

Station 6 – 10 Burpees – use your block if you feel froggy
20 SSH

Station 7 – 20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 Monkey Humpers

Station 8 – 20 Freddie Mercury – with block on chest
20 WW1 Sit ups

Station 9 – 50 Mountain Climbers
50 Iron Mikes

Statue – 10 incline merkins on block or steps
Rotate 90 degrees and with one arm and one foot on block or step, 10 angled merkins
Rotate 90 degrees with both feet on block or step, 10 derkins
Rotate 90 degrees with other arm and other foot on block or step, 10 angled merkins

Debrief time – Flounder called the PAX to the center of the field, where they were lined up facing the American Flag in air chair position. One at a time, Flounder yelled out a name, that person then told who their partner was and something they learned about them. If the information was accurate, that person was allowed to pick the next exercise for all to perform, if not correct, all PAX ran to the Flag and back to the line.

COT – Flounder spoke about iron sharpening iron and how men are like knives. When a knife is sharp, it can be used for many things, both good and evil, but when a knife is dull, it is basically useless (except for spreading butter, which PUD seemed to take special interest in). The point is to keep ourselves sharp and help each other stay sharp.

Ratchet made an announcement about a men’s event called Rewired. He will post about that on 3F soon. Coffee makers have been delivered to Trinity, please give your donation to Bing.

Nair talked about the knife analogy and what that meant to him.

Prayers for Xenu and his co workers as they struggle through a downsizing period.

Closed in prayer.

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  1. Solid work w the Q as well as the B.B. Flounder! Cinder block days are always fun!! And yes I like “Buttah” (Butter) buy I prefer a Sharp Knife! Good job sharpening the Pax!

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