Tunnel of Football?

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  • When: 01/13/2018
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji, McDeamy, Osteen, Happy Feet, Snookie, Rim Shot, Wahoo, Seatdown, Rippa, BadaBing,$Bill, Wrangler, Papa Smurf

It was a bit nipply this am with 4 PAX arriving for a Dollly before the beatdown.

14 brave PAX decided they were stronger than the fartsack tractor beam and posted for a fun beatdown.

Discipline for the month, “We are prepared for the shit to come” meaning we work hard, train hard, to prepare for the unexpected.


All IC x15

Mummy Run


Don Quixote

LBAC f/b no recovery

Morrocan Night Club

Raise the Roof


Moesy to the playground, Indian Run Style w/ high knees

4 Exercises w/ a lap around the playground in between

10 Pull ups

20 Merkins

30 BBSUs

40 SSHs

Barry Switzer at the field

Line up shoulder to shoulder then plank wave

Each pax does the exercise then the next, just like a wave

3 Ranger Merkins

4 Mtn Climbers

5 Diamond Merkins

Same thing from reverse plank

3 Proud Pickles

4 LBCs


Tunnel of Love to finish. Over heard during the exercise…

”some people really need to get their head down in the tunnel”

”I didn’t realize how much my Richard weighs my midsection down”

Finished up with a little F3 Football.

Added a bonus, losing team has to partner carry each other from the 50yd line. (Fireman, piggyback, wheelbarrow…)

Both sides were evenly matched and we realized a few things about each other.

Jumanji will sacrifice any part of his body for a score.

Osteen has some mad ups

Snookie has soft hands

Heisenberg likes to hit/check people.


Prayers for Wrangler as he is having surgery on Wednesday 2:00pm

Lots of Badlands PAX on the DL

My word for the year is “engage” I hope you will join me in focusing on how to participate and invest in those around you.

Priviledged to lead



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