Fast Times at Football High

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  • When: 01/16/2018
  • QIC: Osteen
  • The PAX: Pom Pom, Full Monty (Respect), McDreamy (Respect), Dollar Bill, Skim, Cornhole, Tinker Toy, Snaggle, Outhouse, Sand Crab, Bada Bing, Osteen

JAGS 45 steelers 42

YHC decided to implement a little football drilling into a small but loyal Badlands PAX.  Prior to the rendezvous, YHC asked all who have sandbags to bring them.  Upon arrival, the PAX executed logistical delivery of said sandbags flawlessly; channeling Beach Bar Bortles confident delivery of the pigskin to various Jaguars a couple days earlier in the Pitt Burgh.  Pom Pom challenged the group to dress down in the cold.  It’s Florida so tank tops are in order.  3 fulfilled the request (Pom Pom, Bada Bing and YHC) while the rest of the PAX needed a little reminder to let the other guy worry about the weather!  Speaking of rest of the PAX – where are they?  Sand Crab has been keeping copious notes that there is a direct relationship between temperature and Badlanders attendance.  As the temperature drops, so does attendance.

Focus on what you can control and only what you can control.

Delay Mechanism (Warm O Rama):

10 SSH

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Murkins

10 SSH

The Thang:

Mosey to parking lot for waterfall

40 Iron Mikes (some people in the medical profession that are named after a tv show seem to round up or may have converted rep count to moles…YHC is investigating – McDreamy do not delete any of your emails until the investigation is complete)

Lunge to next parking lot island (bows to toes for good form)

30 Iron Mikes

Lunge to next parking lot island

20 Iron Mikes


10 Iron Mikes


Plank for 6

Split into two groups of 6 for W drills (hit a cone and team does burpee – no one hit a cone but legs were hurting so speed was a little slow)

DB – Sprint to cone, backpedal to next cone, sprint to cone, backpedal to next cone in shape of a ….. W (really an M but football coaches are all dyslexic) 6X

Mosey to Football Field End Zone with bags:

25 Thrusters – 120 yard sprint – 25 Pushups – 120 yard sprint – 3X

10 counts initiated and game thrown in – two platoons of 6 still – one captain each (Bada Bing and McDreamy were selected by PAX)

Sprint to far goal post, 10 LBCs, sprint back while PAX did SSHs.  Bada won – his team had 10 burpees, McDreamy team had 20 burpees.

Back to the line for another round of 25 Thrusters – 120 yard sprint – 25 Pushups – 120 yard sprint.

Back to cones for W(M) drill (again no cones were hit – this never happens!):

DL – bear crawl – 3 rounds

DB – 2 rounds

Mosey to PAX Outhouse for tribute – 5 murkins, 5 mountain climbers, 5 murkins sprint to Flag.


Pom Pom loved this workout and it appeared too easy for him!  Also smoked everyone in the jailbreak.

McDreamy can’t count but that smile never dissapates and never disappoints!  Also sneaky fast as he was on the heels of Bada Bing.

Skim still has a pulled groin yet did well even on the lunges.

Bada Bing is so light on his feet that you can’t hear him…PAX beware!

Leave it all on the field


YHC admittedly is not religious or long winded but did his best and read what seemed like a really long poem/code from Chief Tecumseh “Life your life.”  YHC keeps a copy of this in his portfolio folder at work (along with other random crapola).

2F Friday at Table 1 in PVB – looking at the IR group for attendance!

Pitch to Full Monty for prayers as his words are certainly more poetic than mine!  Thank you Full Monty.

Prayers for loved ones no longer with us.

Prayers for McDreamy family.

Prayers for IR.

YHC is uncomfortable during this as I muck this part up and don’t mean to be disrespectful.

Then, just as we are about to depart, Pom Pom rips open a cooler for the tank top crew and hands out beers and coozies!  Pic and out.





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