Frozen Fun With Bricks

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  • When: 01/18/2018
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: Toxic (2x respect), Synapse (respect), Bigbird, Pud, Dr. Okie, Jumanji, Feud

Warm-Up / COP:

27 degrees but feels like –27 degrees to the Q. Lots of mumblechatter while gathering. Oh, how the Northern F3 Pax must laugh at us Floridians.

Circle up in the parking lot.

YHC explained that he is clearly not a professional, and having proven this many times, was hell bent on proving it again.

So, per YHC’s rules, SSH’s IC start us off. The number is determined by some trivial fact that caught YHC’s attention over the last day or so. After threatening 3 digits, YHC stopped at 27. The PAX were correct in their guess that it was because it was 27 degrees. What they didn’t know is it was also in honor of birthday boy, Jaguar RB Leonard Fournette. GO JAGS!!

18 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC
13 Little Baby Arm Circles Backwards IC
13 Moroccan Night Club IC
5 Burpees OYO because Big Bird was a little late.
15 Hillbillys IC – YHC must note this was possibly the worst job of IC ever delivered by a Q. Blame the cold, but in reality, we all knew this was coming based on past performance. Jumanji also correctly pointed out my complete failure to properly use the word exercise once during the COP. Again, “not a professional” was clearly stated up front.
10 Burpees OYO because Pud was a lot late.
15 Reachers IC

Mosey to YHC’s Jeep so each PAX can grab two common red bricks.

Why bricks? Because YHC saw some spare red common bricks on the side of his house, went to the F3 Exicon and searched on ‘brick’. Voila, a complete workout presented itself. Handy.

Mosey to the racquet ball court finding a partner along the way.

THANG 1 – Partner Brick Work

Him 1 – The DoDo Bird

PAX assume the People’s Chair (wall sit), brick in each hand and at rest down his sides. For 45 seconds OYO, (1) side shoulder raise [arms straight and lifted to the sides to shoulder height], (2) back to default, (3) front shoulder raise [arms straight and lifted in front of you to shoulder height], (4) back to default. After doing these you’ll find out why the Dodo is extinct. First, never flap your wings in front of you. Second, never try to fly while holding bricks.

Him 2 – Iron Cross Squats

Squat but with arm movement like iron cross lifting brick from side up to straight across shoulders. For 45 seconds OYO. 1: down squat with arms down between legs, brick in each hand. 2: come up from squat, arms raised to parallel, out like a cross., 3: return to starting position.

A round is each partner completing each exercise. Rinse and repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Much mumblechatter about frostbitten fingers and why a Q would use bricks on a freezing day.  

Again, “not a professional” was clearly stated up front.

THANG 2 – Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Solo exercise on a 50-yard marked field. Sprint 25 yards and do 25 merkins, run backwards to starting position and sprint 50 yards and do 50 prisoner squats, run backwards to starting position and sprint 75 yards and do 75 Mountain Climbers (left leg, then right leg equals one mountain climber), run backwards longways to the starting position and sprint 100 yards and do 100 LBCs, run backward 100 yards back to starting point. Done holding bricks (cheese). Rinse and repeat to make it a true double.

Apparently, YHC said power squat, instead of prisoner squat when giving instruction. The PAX asked for a demonstration to point out the errors of his ways.

Again, “not a professional” was clearly stated up front.

With 8 minutes left, YHC called time with all PAX leaving a little of their Quarter Pounder on the tray. Bigbird should be congratulated for having the heartiest appetite finishing a big chunk of his meal.

YHC called time because he really wanted to do ……

THANG 3 – Twin Tower of Trust

Each PAX held a brick in each hand, facing another PAX (so today we had 8 HIMS total, 4 lined up facing each other maybe 3-4 feet apart). To start, each PAX held the bricks straight out eye level (no touching bricks OR partners bricks). The PAX on the end bear crawls through the “brick tunnel of trust”. When he gets to the end, he will pick a side and hold his bricks up. Then the next guy goes etc..

Much mumblechatter including words like “sucks”, “dumb bricks” and “why are we doing this”.

YHC likes this exercise so much that it will reappear in a future Q.

Each PAX was able to make multiple trips before YHC had to call it for time. Mosey to the far end of the field where, in honor of Bigbird, we did a jail break to the flag.

Naked Moleskin / BOM:

“We are prepared for the shit to come …”

That in mind, YHC talked about the importance of personal accountability. Plan your day. Work, personal, everything. Put it in writing. Every night, go down the list and check items off and answer to things that are not complete. Every second, minute, hour, day we have been given is finite. By not completing your plan today does not mean you are given more time to do so down the road.

Pud asked if we knew what the number 1435 signifies? When no right answers were given, he let us know it the number of minutes left in a day after you waste the first five. In other words, get up, get going.

YHC also shared an idea about keeping a separate journal for your M / Significant Other and 2.0s. Every night write one or two sentences in each. Something you want them to know. Something you wish you would have / should have said. Give it to them at the end of the year as a gift. 

Prayers for Synapse’s son and Pud’s assistant. May they find calm and peace.
Healing Prayers for Bigbird’s wrist.

And as always, please remember that today is the perfect day to make a positive impact on another person’s life.
Until next time.



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