Mucho Chesto is good but don’t get puffed up with pride!

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  • When: 01/18/2018
  • QIC: Snaggle
  • The PAX: Osteen,Pom Pom,Dollar Bill,Peg,McDreamy,Pyro,Check Please,Crash,Squeege,Bada Bing,E-Z-Go (FNG), Wahoo,Air Bags

Lots of respect for the 14 guys that didn’t fartsack on a 28 degree and breezy morning. We welcomed an FNG (guest of Bada Bing), Mike (aka E-Z-Go)!

Warm up:

15 Side straddle hop

12 Imperial Walkers

12 Michael Phelps

15 baby arm circles forward, then 15 baby arm circles backward

15 Sides straddle hop

The thang:

Mosey to Crosswater Church and when crossing the road: squat broad jump repeat

Circled up with a partner for a Mucho Chesto and upper body work:

  1. One partner planks while the other puts his feet on partners back doing a decline merkin (25 each partner) then run the church tunnels and back to the circle
  2. One partner planks while the other puts feet on partners back and does dips (25 each) then run the church tunnels
  3. One partner is on his six doing American Hammers while the other is using partners knees to do incline push ups (25 each) then run tunnels
  4. One partner is in a merkin position holding the merkin half way down while the other partner faces the opposite direction holding partners ankles and doing hammer curls (25 each) then run tunnels

Mosey to the Gate station to gas up doing some high knees and karaoke along the way. On the way back partner up for wheel barrel races and fireman carry. Then Mosey back to the flag pole with a bear crawl across the road. Back at the flag pole finish out with the merkin “ring of fire” with everyone in a merkin position and each doing 10 merkins before taking off and running around the circle back into position.


YHC talked about every man’s struggle with pride and that we need to not only walk in humility but to also have the courage to let the PAX and F3 family know when they are struggle with something. F3 was designed for this! Otherwise, we are just a fitness social club. Aye!


Prayers for Pyro and opportunities with his job – building and leading a team


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