Return to Mount “Macho” Picchu

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  • When: 01/20/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Pud, LIFO Septum, Pyro, Heisenberg, Farah & Farah (double respect), Toxic (double respect), Synapse (respect), Snuffleupagus (respect), Feud

10 PAX displayed their discipline in the gloom by choosing courage over comfort of the warm fartsack and posted in the cool gloom at Anchor. These HIM embraced the suck that was to come. Were we prepared for the beatdown to come? The one thing we did know was that we aren’t the strongest, but we are all pretty good at suffering.


  • Mountaineer Motivator x15 OYO (YHC’s new favorite exercise- (Harper’s Ferry Jacks, which are SSH double time, f/b SSH, f/b half arm SSH, f/b just legs SSH, f/b hop only)
  • Toy Soldiers x10 IC
  • Reacher through x10 IC
  • Don Quixote x 10 IC


The Thang

Some time had passed since we took a trip to Unity Plaza to visit our old friend Macho Picchu. YHC felt it was time to climb that mountain once more.   The PAX, unfortunately, had to get there by way of the Bataan Death March.   This was of course mixed in with a few Pearls on a String.

  • Indian Run with PAX in back doing 5 burpees before running to catch up with the PAX.
  • Derkins/Irkins x10 IC
  • Air Chair with overhead claps x15 IC
  • Bear Crawl/Crab Walk under the Fuller Warren Bridge
  • Alternating broad jumps/lunges between palm trees in front of the Florida Blue building.

Upon arriving to Macho Picchu, YHC had some minor set up to do, so the rest of the PAX worked on a little abs during this time.

Mount Macho Picchu Circuit-with partner, perform exercise at bottom/top of bleachers. Lunge walk from bottom to top of bleachers (except for section 6).  After section 6, PAX ran down steps and a lap around park back to section 1. Continue AMRAP until time called.

  • Section 1: Creature Merkins x5/Box Jumps x10
  • Section 2: Dips x20/Single Leg Squats x10 each leg
  • Section 3: Irkins x20/Step-Ups x10 each leg
  • Section 4: Derkins x20/Monkey Humpers x20
  • Section 5: Mountain Climbers x20 (count one leg)/Gorilla Humpers x20
  • Section 6: Box Jump Burpees on each step until reaching top of bleachers
  • Run lap

Pearls on a String back to Anchor “Base”

  • Prisoner Squats x14 IC
  • LBCs x20 IC


Good work by the PAX this morning as they did not freakin’ quit! YHC made a more concerted effort to keep the PAX together on their journey to Mount Macho Picchu as the six was never too far behind.

“We are prepared for the s–t to come” is our Core Value Concept for the month of January. YHC discussed with the PAX that this concept reminded him of being “Battle Ready”, a ministry started by a Catholic motivational/inspirational speaker Doug Barry. As part of his ministry, Doug talks a lot about being “Battle Ready” spiritually, as well as in all aspects of life. To be Battle Ready spiritually, one must have a daily prayer life and participate regularly in the sacraments. Doing this will prepare us for a spiritual battle against the Evil One. He also provides talks about being Battle Ready in the physical sense-regular exercise so that you can live a healthy life and be there for your families and others. Doug also talks about being prepared for any tragedy or disaster that may come, including a home invasion or house fire. Like many, YHC has thought about these things, but question if I have done enough to be prepared. Have you?


Prayers for

  • Xenu’s son Daffy (Ricky) and for the soul and family of Jake Acker, as well as the other boys who were with Daffy during this tragedy.
  • Synapse’s son that he seek the help he needs
  • Continued prayers for our F3 brothers and whatever current struggles they may be going through
  • Lord’s Prayer

Couple other videos from Doug Barry worth watching: (Brilliant Ways to Love your Family) (Hawaii Missile Threat)


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