Stations of Joy

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  • When: 01/23/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Lifo, Seatdown, Synapse, Toxic, Farrah & Farrah, Bowzer

After a wonderful Saturday run / workout / biscuit, I returned home to knock out a few chores… With chores complete, reality set in as a flipped on the boob-tube and realized there was no college football!  This allowed my mind to wander and consider the possible torturous activities I can dream up for my F3 brothers!

Conditions : Wet (but not cold)!  As the rain poured from the sky, yours truly was momentarily questioning his sanity… not looking forward of setting up the Stations!  Then the Sky Q smiled upon F3 Jax and the rain stopped… momentarily!

Instrumnets of Torture:

* Yoke (2) – hewn from a few Oak trees – compliments of Hurricane Irma

* Medicine Ball – Basketball filled w sand 25+  lbs

* Kettlebells – 30lb & 15lb

* Plates – 8.8 & 12.2 lb plates

* Forearm Crusher – PVC w a rope & weight on the end… it was only 2.2lbs!

Warm Up: all IC

* 21 SSH

* 10 Reachers

* LBAC forward & Backwards – 20 each

* Michael Phelps – Balistic Hug yourself stretching


The Thang:

Jog around park stopping at each station for brief explanation

Partner up

Station 1 Kettle Bell Shotput & Swing
Partner 1 Throws KB w shotput motion w right hand, bear crawls to KB then left hand, bearcrawl & repeat until you make it to the far side of the field – (lamppost)
Partner 2 Does a fast mosey / run to the lamppost w the other KB and does KB swings until P1 reaches him. Then… Switch! Return to the starting position for the next crew!

Station 2 Yoke Lunge & Medicine Ball Squat Throw
Partner 1 Grabs the Yoke & lunges – WITH KNEE TO GROUND – To the lamppost
Partner 2 Grabs Basketball / Medicine Ball & does fast mosey / run to lamppost. Then does squat & w upward motion push’s / launches the ball up as high as possible. Catch & Repeat until P1 Finishes w Yoke. Then… Switch!!

Station 3 Plate Flip & PVC Roll
Partner 1 While walking to lamppost, Grips the PVC and unwinds rope / weight until fully extended & then rolls back up, Repeat to lamppost then return while repeating the roll.
Partner 2 Does 20 Plate Flips in Right hand, then Left Hand… Repeat until P1 returns, then Switch!!

Station 4 : Monkey Bars Madness
Both Pax assume pull up position
Partner 1 Does 10 Dead Hang Pull-ups
Partner 2 Does Dead Hang while P1 does PU, then… Switch!
If your parent needs assistance, grab his feet & give him a lift.

NEXT – Both P1 & P2 Both get to play on the Monkey Bars…
Rotation 1 – using every bar, go around the circle
Rotation 2 – skip a bar, go around the circle

Because we loved it so much… Repeat….

Rinse & Repeat…. We all Ran through twice…  there was a little confusion & time wasted as Pax were waiting on their brothers to complete their station so laps were run while waiting… for future reference, I’d have had the Pax gather at their next station to do shoulder tap Merkins while waiting

That about sums it up…

Prayers for all Pax and family / friends of Pax… For Xenu’s family & (Ricky) Daffy as they deal w the Loss of a friend (Jake Akers – Hiking Accident).  Prayers for emotional healing and a return to normalcy.





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