Super Bowl Beatdown

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  • When: 02/01/2018
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: O'Steen, Skim, Tinker Toy, Snaggle, Dollar Bill, Gambler, FNG (Shrinkage), Squeege, Seinfeld, Check Please, Peg, Kramer, Bada Bing, FNG (KO), Outhouse, Mr. Clean, Airbags

As the calendar flipped over to a new month YHC slothed across a gloomy Badlands AO to set up a beatdown on the gridiron. As the PAX began to form, it became evident that this may be a different kind of day. 16 men and 2 FNG’s posted on the crisp but tolerable day.

The Warm-a-rama

SSH – 15 in cadence
Michael Phelps – 15 in cadence
Mountain climbers – 15 in cadence
Hillbillies – 15 in cadence
Moroccan Night Clubs – 15 in cadence
Chinooks – 15 in cadence
Michael Phelps – 15 in cadence

The Thang

Mosey to first parking lot with variety of motions
ATM’s – 20 – Alternating shoulders
15 – tempo merkins
15 – fast merkins

Mosey to football field (find a partner)

YHC explained that the next activity would be named after everyone’s favorite QB – Tom Brady, beause afterward we would all feel like he will after the beatdown by the Eagles.

Each group will complete 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s, and 300 squats. While one PAX is doing exercise, the other PAX completes Doracides – sprint to cone 1 burpee, sprint back, sprint to next cone 2 burpees sprint back, sprint to third cone 3 burpees sprint back. Change places with partner keeping up with reps. When done plank and plank jack alternating

Everyone to sideline – We Love Tom – #12 (abbrev. Blackjack)– 1 merkin, run 11 LBC’s, run 2 merkins, run 10 LBC’s (always 12) OYO, when done air chairs until six is in…

Mosey back – paced, Squeege led PAX through maze of posts nearing the flagpole.

Count – a –rama
Name –a-rama
Name any FNG’s – 2 FNG’s who were named KO and Shrinkage, welcome!
COT – announcements – F2 at Palm Valley Outdoors, Friday 2/2. Everyone was invited to come out and support O’Steen at Poseidon on Saturday. Bada Bing gave an update on Broga and F3 coffeteria after. Closed in prayer, dismissed

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