J-A-G-S: Jags! Jags! Jags!

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  • When: 02/03/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Synapse (double respect), PYRO, Throat Swab, Ratchet (double respect), Hollywood, Drone, Biiiiing, Heisenberg, Pud, Flounder (respect), Xenu (respect), Doomsday- FNG (Vince Koren)

With Jacksonville Super Bowl Tailgating derailed, 13 PAX defeated the fartsack and posted in the gloom at ANCHOR to relive what was a fantastic season for the Jaguars. After years of futility, the Jags finally had a winning season, division title and a deep playoff run. For this beatdown, the number of reps was determined by the score of each of the Jaguars’ games this season. Most would say that this team was special, hence special teams was highlighted as well.

COP- Pre-Season (because the pre-season is the warm-up to the regular season)
• SSH x31 IC (Jags)
• Goofball x24 IC (Patriots)

• Imperial Walkers x8 (Jags) IC
• Don Quixote x12 (Bucs) IC

• LBAC forward x 23 (Jags) IC
• LBAC backwards x 24 (Panthers) IC

• 4th preseason game was not presented, since, quite frankly, no one really cares about the 4th pre-season game

The Thang
Coach Marrone liked talking about the season in terms of quarters, so here we go:

Regular Season 1st Quarter

For the next group of exercises, the PAX lined up at the baseline to perform one exercise, run to far cone for next exercise, then Floyd Mayweather back to baseline and plank for the six:

Baseline (Jags)
• Carolina Dry Docks x29
• Merkins x16
• Flutter kicks x44
• Iron Mikes x20 (10 each leg)

Far Cone (Opponent)
• Burpees x7 (Texans)
• Squats x 37 (Titans)
• Burpees x7 (Ravens)
• BBSU x23 (Jet)

Regular Season 2nd Quarter

Mosey to the fountain for the following:
• Rocky Balboas x30 (Jags)
• Calf Raises Toes Out x9 (Steelers) IC

• Butkus x17 (Jags)
• Calf Raises x27 (Rams) IC

• Rocky Balboas x27 (Jags)
• Duck walk around fountain for Colts being shut out

• Butkus x 23 (Jags)
• Calf Raises Toes In x7 (Bengals) IC

Regular Season 3rd Quarter

Plank Rolls- For the next group of exercises, the PAX lined up in plank position. PAX rolled right and performed diamond merkins according to the Jags point total, then rolled left and performed werkins according to the opponents point total. Audible was called after two rounds and we switched to regular merkins following each roll.

Diamonds/Merkins (right roll)
• 20 (Jags)
• 19
• 24
• 30
Werkins/Merkins (left roll)
• 17 (Chargers)
• 7 (Browns)
• 27 (Cardinals)
• 10 (Colts)

Regular Season 4th Quarter

PAX line up and perform core routine. Then a member of the PAX punts the football. We sprint to where the ball lands to perform the next core routine. We then perform another core routine. First member of the PAX to the ball punts the ball. We sprint again to where the ball lands and perform next core routine, and so on. There would be a severe penalty on any perceived “squib” kick…

• Big Boy Sit Ups (Jags) x 30
• Hello Dolly (Seahawks) x24

• American Hammers (Jags) x45
• WW I Sit Ups (Texans) x7

• LBC (Jags) x33
• Flutter Kicks (49’ers) x44

• Maktar N’ J (Jags) x10
• Pickle Pounders (Titans) x15


• Burpees x10 (Jags)
• Single leg Burpees x3 (Bills)

• LBC x45 (Jags)
• Flutter Kicks x42 (Steelers)

• Monkey Humpers x20 (Jags)
• Gorilla Humpers x10 (Patriots)- they should not have never scored the last two touchdowns so we didn’t count them here.

Field Goal Challenge

3 PAX represent the 3 main members of the field goal unit- the snapper, holder and kicker. 20-yard FG attempt made towards an Arena Football width goal post with an XFL football. Missed FG results in 10 squats for the PAX. Kicker returns to line, holder becomes the kicker, snapper becomes the holder, and next PAX in line becomes the snapper. Rotation continued until all PAX had an opportunity to kick a FG. During the kick the rest of the PAX performed thigh masters, switching legs during each FG attempt.

PAX converted 1 of 13 attempts for a whopping 7.7% conversion rate! T-claps for Drone for ensuring the PAX were not shut out. (He was also one of the three to make it the last time we attempted this). All were relieved to find out that no scout of any sort was in attendance at today’s kicking game display.


YHC had too much on his mind today, which he felt he had to express. He tried to be concise, but doubt that he actual was.

This month we begin to focus on the 2nd F with a new Core Value Concept: Accountability. The Core Value Phrase: We love our brothers enough to hold them accountable, especially when its uncomfortable. Our related quote/verse for this core value comes from Proverbs 27:17- Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. YHC encouraged the men to remember that in addition to holding each other accountable in fitness, we, too need to hold each other accountable in other things. If we see a brother heading down the wrong path, we need to step up and say something. Put your arm around him and help guide him back to the right path. We need to pray to the Lord for wisdom and courage to do this.

YHC heart was heavy on two other topics- mental illness and marriage. Sometimes this can go hand in hand, but that is not what he had in mind…

There is so much mental illness in our world today, and its depth is not well recognized in society, and maybe not even in the medical field. My daughter has experienced death far too often for someone who is only 16. Of the three deaths that have occurred since she has been in high school (she is a sophomore), two were suicides. One was known to be from a good home with parents who were doing all they could to help their daughter, and were people of faith. I urge you that if you know anyone heading down this dark path, consider reaching out to them, help them if you can, and definitely pray for them.

On the marriage front, YHC was appointed as the Family Life Coordinator at his church. He was tasked to help initiate a new marriage ministry. As part of this ministry, he invited members of the PAX to a dinner/presentation by Gary Thomas, the author of the book Cherish evening of Feb 22nd. More details can be found at https://www.livethelife.org. Studies have shown that married couples are at the peak of enthusiasm for their marriages on their wedding day, and over time, this enthusiasm declines. If married couples attend 8 hours of marriage enrichment programing, this decline is sharply avoided. You can compare it to attending continuing education classes for your profession. We do this for our licenses or for work, why not for something that is more important?


Prayers for
• Flounder’s co-worker recovering well from surgery
• PUD’s assistance also recovering from cancer surgery
• Safe travels to/from Dallas for PUD
• All members of the PAX or loved ones experiencing any form of depression or mental illness
• For the family and friends of Jake Acker, for comfort and closer (funeral today)
• Snuffy’s daughter following loss of job/insurance while pregnant
• Lord’s prayer

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