Shredded w Cindy

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  • When: 01/30/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Bing, mathlete, LIFO, toxic, Bowser, synapse, Zenu, drone, Heisenberg, seatdown, Dr. Okie, snuffy, big bird, Feud

15 packs showed up for shredded with Cindy. Started with 60 SSH’s to honor synapses 60th birthday.

* 60 SSH IC
* 10 Burpees OYO
* 10 Don Quiote IC
* 10 Reachers IC

Mosey To Basketball Court to listen to the tunes of DJ Bing & for a tempo beat down where a few new exercises were unveiled!


This should take 18 minutes… there are 12 rounds… 60 second on & 30 second off… Upper then lower

1. Bear Twist – Bear crawl position
* Pull Left Leg under & rotate body to Right, Hold 5 seconds, left leg should be straight
* Pull Right Left under & rotate body to Left, Hold 5 seconds
* Then w the same rotating fashion do 10 kicks fast – left to right, left to right
* Then freeze for 5 seconds
* Then Lift hips skyward so your legs & back are straight, Hold 5 seconds
* Then cross under to other side & freeze for 5 seconds, then lift hips for 5 seconds, when you lift the hips, your pickle should be pointing skyward!

2. Three Leg Moves – Low Squat / Backward Lunge Right / Backward Lunge Left – Hold each for 10 sec. Keep abs tight, make sure knee doesn’t extend over toe, shoulders back, chest up
* Stand upright then jump down & hold low squat w hands straight out, Hold for 10 second
* Then jump up quick, bringing feet together
* Then immediately jump into a backward lunge w Left Leg,
* Then jump up quick, bringing feet together
* Then immediately jump into a backward lunge w Right Leg,
* Then jump up quick, bringing feet together
* Then jump back down to low squat & repeat

3. Merkin Complex – Keep hips & shoulders square, 20 Seconds Each Move
* Merkin w arm lift – 20 Second
* Merkin position, extend left arm straight out to side while balancing on right
* Then return arm to ground, do a Merkin, once up, extend right arm to side & repeat
* Merkin Row – 20 Second
* Do a Merkin, bring left arm up to chest, balance on right, do a Merkin, change hands
* T Merkin – 20 Second
* Do a Merkin but on the upward motion, rotate left arm up & point to the sky
* Then do a Merkin on do the same thing on the right
* If you can’t do the Merkin, just rotate

4. Speed Run to Hoppers – Left Leg the entire time, leg at 90 degrees, switch position every 10 seconds
* Take a knee, then lift left leg off the ground & w fast motion, “run”. Be sure to move hands from pocket to chin. Stay low. Knee should be hovering just over the ground. Run 10
* Then while still in lunge position, come up slightly & “hop”. Your left foot should come off the ground but you shouldn’t lose your form. Hop 10
* Repeat Run & Hop, 10 seconds each

5. Plank Walkups – 20 Seconds each, keep abs tight
* Carolina Drydock Position – Butt in the air
* Arms are straight, then “walk” down to forearms, then walk up to arms straight, repeat
* Legs locked & straight, up on toes
* Bear Crawl Position
* Same for 20 seconds
* Plank Position
* Same for 20 seconds

6. Speed Run to Hoppers – Right – Do the same thing you just did, 10 seconds Run, 10 second Hop

7. Merkin to Mountain Climber – Simple 10 Seconds of Merkins, 10 Seconds of Mountain Climbers. If you need to, do the Merkins on your knees or at least hold a plank

8. Skater Smurph Shuffle – 20 Seconds Each
* Skater – jump to the side & kick foot behind in a skating motion
* Smurph Jack – stay low, rapid fire smurph jacks
* Side Shuffle – stay low, shuffle side to side… 1,2, kick left, 1,2, kick left, repeat

9. Climbers – 20 Seconds Each, plant hands on the ground, move fast
* Foot to Hand – Left foot swings up to left hand, right leg extends behind left side
* Knee to Elbow – Same thing but knee to elbow
* Lateral – Side to Side, basically same thing but legs are straight

10. Irons Mikes to Squat Jumps – 30 seconds each

11. Pulse Merkin to Burpees – 30 seconds each
* Merkin position, get low & stay low, only pulsing up about 1/3 of the way
* Then Burpees for 30 seconds

12. Pulse Squat to Burpees – 30 seconds each
* Squat Position, get low & stay low, only pulsing up about 1/3 of the way
* Then Burpees


* CrossFit Cindy – As Many as you can in the remaining time… we should have about 15 minutes
1. 5 Pull ups
2. 10 Merkins
3. 15 Prisoner Squats

Realizing how much time was left in that the packs were tired of Cindy we moseyed to the basketball court for Suicides. We did a suicide run to half court and then finished with the suicide bear crawl for the second half. Then we did a suicide run for the entire quart followed by a lap around the park.

Keep Showing Up… Get Better Every day & YOU will make a change!!!


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