A Badlands Thursday Workout

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  • When: 02/08/2018
  • QIC: Check please!!
  • The PAX: Snaggle, Pom Pom, cousin Eddie, crash, mad hatter, gizzard, happy feet, Snooki, dollar bill, air bags, squeege, skim, outhouse, mr clean, ez go, bada bing, check please

Was a warm morning at Davis Park and perfect setting to get an early morning workout started. Being it was my VQ I was up late night before going over the workout in my head over and over. Was it too easy, was it too hard, did I have enough exercises planned? Turned out I think it was just right. Didn’t get to everything I had planned but was ok, I planned more just in case but needed to get a Q under my belt to realize the time needed to finish each exercise. workout

The Warmorama (COP)

Warm up started with side straddle hop, and went to some Michael Phelps, little baby arm circles forwards and backwards, tempo merkins, and finally big boy sit-ups. On reflection big boy sit-ups on concrete was probably not a good choice but PAX followed their leader and performed.

The Thang

After warmup ran towards church and bear crawled across the street before getting a partner to do some leap frogs. Hadn’t done those in a bit so thought was fun to mix it up. Continued to pull up bar area to perform a 1/2 murph consisting of 50 pull ups, 100 merkins, and 150 squats. PAX was up to the challenge and all finished in about 16 or so minutes and kept moving to keep heart rate up. Next ran over to fields to work in groups of 3 performing 10 fence jumps with other 2 of group performing burpees and LBC’s. Was hearing some talk of shoulder problems, and as any good leader does, has to listen and evaluate the PAX and modify as needed. Changed to 7 fence jumps to help save some shoulders and arms for upcoming merkins and burpees. Continue on to lunges, box jumps, incline merkins and final set of burpees and merkins with little running in between. Time was up and left couple minutes to do a Guantanamo back at COT.


Finished with count o rama, name o rama, and prayer requests and a prayer from the Q. Extra prayer out to squeege on his trip to Puerto Rico. All in all, was a very positive experience for myself leading a group of men and getting what I hope was a good workout for everyone. Looking forward to my next Q. Couldn’t be doing this with a better bunch of men, I’m fortunate to be involved with the group.

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