Fear and Faith

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  • When: 02/18/18
  • QIC: Rimshot
  • The PAX: Pom Pom, Snaggle, Osteen, Dollar Bill, Kramer, Bullwinkle, Bada Bing, Outhouse, Schnitzel, Skim, McDreamy(Respect), Rimshot

The day of the VQ was upon me. 12 PAX members braved the “run day” as it has become to be known by.  Nothing like missing every stop light from Neptune Beach to Davis Park and almost being late for your VQ to get the heart pumping early. But nonetheless arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Kicked off the WO with Faith and Fear message: Any time you attempt something for the first time, or something you’ve failed at before, something you think is too big for you (like running day WO), you’ll experience both faith and fear. They go together and one will win out over the other, but they never go away. Encouraged the PAX to choose faith as we start the WO.

Circle of Warm up:

  • 20 Michael Phelps
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walker

The Thang: Fear and Faith

  • Round 1 – Mosey to parking lot 1 (a.k.a the chest stop) for 20(10 on each side) one legged merkins, faster mosey to parking lot 2 (a.k.a core stop) for 20 Annies(In a plank position rotate one arm in a circular motion for a 10 count, then 10 with the other arm) quicker mosey to parking lot 3 (a.k.a. the leg lot) for 20 air squats. Ponte Vedra death march (3 burpees all the back to the flag.
  • Round 2 – Without resting from the Death March mosey to Lot 1 for 20 Angle grinders IC, mosey to lot 2, 20 pickle ponders, mosey to lot 3, 20 monkey humpers, Indian Run back to the flag
  • Round 3 – Without resting from the Indian Run, mosey to Lot 1 for 20 cliff hanger merkins(partner), mosey to lot 2 for 20 LBC, mosey to lot three for a loop and then all the way back to the flag
  • Circle up at Flag for SALLY UP SQUATS (While playing the song Flower by Moby you follow along, You bring Sally up you bring Sally down)


  • Reminded the PAX the “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t your right”-Abraham Lincoln

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