All the fun of Michigan, without the guilt

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  • When: 2/27/18
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Bowzer, Heisenberg, Dr. Okie, Flounder, synapse, feud, Pud, Toxic, LIFO, GMO, Boucher, Big Bird. Respect and double respect where it’s due.

In the early morning all over town, alarms gently awakened the men of  F3 and beckoned them to get up and get better. Some answered that call and others… Well they drifted back off to slumber. When my alarm went off I instantly thought “I’d like to go back to sleep”. But then I thought if my wife is awakened by this alarm and I don’t get up to go, I’m going to catch it and catch it good! And I also remembered hey I have Q, I have to go. So up I went!

The Warm Up

Xenu has a nasty habit of incorporating important numbers into his side straddle hop count.Usually it ends up with the Pax having to do some god awful amount of side straddle hops. Because he’s in Minnesota and couldn’t be present I decided to honor him with my own special number. The day before was my 52nd birthday so I figured I’d factor that in somehow.

Side straddle hops ic -2 (I don’t like side straddle hops, and personally I believe they cause excessive flatulence)

lbac f- 10

lbac b -10

squats 10

reachers -10

Some other exercise that I can’t remember what we did. The point was to have number come out to 52. Because it was early and I don’t like math I mis-counted and we ended up doing 53 reps total.

The Thang

Another dude that I decided to honor was our very own resident Dr. Okie. I got there early but not early enough to escape the  watchful eye of Heisenberg as I set up the course.   I set up cones at intervals of  20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 yards. Big birds eyes lit up when he saw the course but he is sadistic. The objective was to run 10 100 yard sprints 8 80 yard sprints and so on and so on and so on. At the end of each sprint we would do a Murph like session, consisting of 10 squats 10 markings and 10 little baby crunches.

There was a lot of mumble chatter going on. And I really thought this was a good idea in my head until ….oh around the third 100 yard sprint.  I really started to question myself and why I would subject myself to such torture. But I kept going. I have to say hats off to toxic! That fart doesn’t have any quit in him. And synapse, that dude will take advantage of ready set go.

The Pax dutifully sprinted up and down the street banging out the Murph exercises but due to time we ended up only doing 1 80 yard sprint.


We all have been given the same amount of time in a day, week, month. What we do with that time impacts not only ourselves but others. Faced with my eldest son leaving the nest this weekend, I reflected on the time that I spent with him on the remaining time I have an urged the rest of the men to look at the relationships in their lives.  How are you investing your time and is it the right investment?


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