What an ABsolutely fABulous time

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  • When: 04/10/2018
  • The PAX: Feud, F&F(Double Respect), Xenu (Respect), Heisenberg, Pud, Synapse (Double Respect), Drone, Octagon, Dr. Okie

Off in the distance there was a blue glow. Was it the southern lights or was it just Daily’s place.   As we circled in the gloom in the field, a shot rang out. I could have been a cannon marking the start of F3, but alas it was probably a transformer as we could smell some burning. Poor Optimus Prime, RIP. Fabulous

Warm up:

  • Toy Soldiers 15 ic
  • Don Q 15 ic
  • Michael Phelps 15 ic
  • Hillbillies 15 ic


Low plank PAX pickle pounding time bomb 10-1. Crowd Pleaser!

Mosey to playground. Six pack. Total number of exercices equals 6. Knee ups on pull-up bar and V-ups.

5-1, to 1-5 back up to 5-1

Lightening started but off in distance. Moseyed to pavilion just in case.

  • Tempo dips 15 ic
  • Tempo irkins 15 ic

Moseyed to curb by YHC’s car since I left cones in the car.

Calf raises 20 ic. 10 count by Synapse while I retrived cones.

Moseyed to field, put 10 cones varying distance across field. Imperial walking between cones, 5 lbc at first cone. Adding 5 each time, ending w/ 50 at last cone.  Total completed 275.

10 burpees, due to late arriving Feud.

Lazy Dora 1,2,3. Switch partners each time.

100 Iron crosses

200 partner plank, derkins.

300 BBSU alternating w/ planks. Audible due to time, each PAX does 150 BBSU OYO or until time.

Naked Moleskin:

Prayers to BigBirds healing, Drone and family.

Iron Sharpens Iron. Reach out to someone if you need help or just need to talk, either publicly or privately via private channel.  Sometimes you need to get something off your chest.

We are all here for each other.


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