The Return of the Shovel Flag

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  • When: 04/11/2018
  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Ham, Tupak, Snuffy

The Return of the Shovel Flag

It was a bright sunny day when I was rescued by Snuffy from F3 Jacksonville, he kindly took me back to his house to help me recover from my horrendous ordeal of being transported to a place that I did not know and then stored with many odd things in a cold dark storage room.

Once in Jacksonville I was united with two of the JAX shovels we had a good time sharing stories of our PAX. We went to the River Run and supported the JAX PAX. Snuffy then started working on repairing some of my damaged lettering and installed a new mounting device for my flag pole. He even made me a new pole for my flag, washed and cared for my flag.

I now have some new paint on parts of me and new lettering with our start date; best of all I have a brand new coat of clear and this makes me shine. Snuffy has been keeping me informed that the PAX in Savannah have been asking about me and making sure that I am getting better, we talked the other night and came to the decision that I have recuperated and ready to go home to Savannah.

We left Jacksonville on a rainy and cold Tuesday heading for Savannah, I got to ride in the cab of the truck with Snuffy and one of his employee’s, we even stayed in a motel that night before my long expected return to my Savannah Pax.

I made my Grand return to Hull Park on 4.11.18 for a gloomy and cold beat down Q’d by Ham, we had Tupak and Snuffy there. To be honest I was disappointed that no more PAX came out for my return.
I am glad to be home and looking forward to fighting many battles with my Savannah brothers against the evil one, he is a monstrous beast that never gives up on his evil plan to keep my PAX from posting. He causes them to want to sleep and lay around when deep in their heart they know that they need to get up and get out in the gloom to overcome their common enemy known as the “Fart Sack.” He is a hideous creature and must be tamed if we are going to be able to Lock Shields and get better so that we can become 3rd and be a servant to our fellow men that need what we have and become leaders in our communities.

Yours Truly;
Savannah Shovel Flag

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