The Green Mile

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  • When: 05/01/2018
  • QIC: Snaggle
  • The PAX: McDreamy(respect),Outhouse,Bullwinkle

As the clock approached 5:25am the QIC sat all alone in the parking lot wondering if he was being “punk’d“ but then emerging from the darkness was Outhouse who is a good and faithful F3 servant. Then a few others followed and the mumble chatter commenced about the Spartan race being likely source of so many fartsackers!!


20 – SSH IC

15 – Chinook Squats

10 – Tempo Merkins

10 – Michael Phelps

The “Thang”

We mosied to the baseball field/bleacher area but on the way decided to stop off at the concession area for some “chicken peckers”. (10 OYO). Then a short mosey to the bleachers for:

Aiken Legs (20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, and 20 split jacks

Bleacher LBC’s (20)

Bleacher Dips (20)

Then a mosey to the parking lot for some partner work:

15- Clerkin’s

15 – Plank Curls

15 – V Cricles (rinse and repeat)

Then a nice mosey to the football field (aka The Green Mile) for:

4 Corners – Cones were placed at the 4 corners of the football field where the Pax would do Mucho Chesto. One exercise at each cone and then a sprint to the next cone until they completed all 4 corners of the football field.

Cone 1 – 10 merkins

Cone 2 – 10 wide merkins

Cone 3 – 10 staggered merkins (right hand forward)

Conce 4 – 10 staggered markings (left hand forward)

Then a gathering at midfield where the Pax circled up for:

20 – Peter Parkers

20 – Parker Peters

Then we lined up at one of the end zone lines for “The Spartan”.

100 yard sprints with 10 merkins at the end then mosey back to rinse and repeat for a total of 3 100 yard sprints and 30 merkins

Mosied back to the flagpole and finished up with 20 flutter kicks, 20 LBC’s and 20 Monkey humpers

Prayer Requests:

Full Monty and his surgery today as well as all of our F3 brothers who are battling injuries right now. Also prayers for all of us to be strong leaders and to have the courage to step up and VQ.

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