Moto Perpetuo Stations

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  • When: 5/1/18
  • QIC: Dr. Okie
  • The PAX: Brief, Big Bird, Synapse (double respect), Pud, Septum, S.O.C., Flounder (respect), Pyro, The Bus, Feud, Boucher (respect), Crop Duster, Bing, LIFO, Heisenberg, Farah & Farah

It was a cool and comfy morning as 17 hard charging PAX met up for some Anthill work.  YHC was pumped to be back at the Q after too long of a hiatus.

Mosey to the field to circle up.  Introduction made, no FNG, disclaimer given.  BEGIN!



(20) SSH -IC

(20) LBAC forward-IC

(20) LBAC backward-IC

(20) Michael Phelps-IC

(15) Reachers-IC

(15) Toy Soldiers-IC

(15) Squats-IC


Mosey to Pavilion for…



Three stations, running the loop to each, AMRAP-

Station 1, Pavilion:

(20) Dips

(20) Merkins

Station 2, Playground:

(10) pull ups

(10) burpees

Station 3, Basketball Court:

(20) Squats

(20) Monkey humpers

Rinse-o, el Repeat-o…


With 5 minutes left, all were called to finish what they were on and reconvene on the field.  On your 6 for…

A few minutes of Mary:


(30) Superman, alternating RH/LF, LH/RF -IC

(20) LBCs, OYO

Mosey to the Flag-



YHC began by sharing how great it was to lead such a great group of men again.  Encouraged anyone who has been “on the bench” for a while to get in the game and enjoy one of the greatest things about this group.

Message of the day was a challenge to reach out to those brothers currently MIA and bring them back to the gloom.  YHC shared what a difference it made personally when out most of the month of March and feeling the old pull of Sad Clown Syndrome to have Brothers reaching out and encouraging to get back at it.  YHC feels this is one of the greatest aspects of F3, being able to have a network of support, encouragement, and inspiration.  Part of being an HIM is this: It’s up to us to stay in contact with those MIA to bring them out of the Sad Clown realm.


Prayer requests & Announcements

Trinity this Friday

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer


Always an HONOR to lead these men,


Dr. Okie


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