Perseverance through mental and physical fatigue

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  • When: 05/03/2018
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: Rim shot, Slash (Respect), Airbags (Respect), Fruit of the Loom (welcome FNG), Yardsale, Dollar Bill, Happy Feet, Cornhole, McDreamy (Respect), Kramer, Inside Out, Wahoo, Bullwinkle, Mr. Yuck, Mr. Clean (Respect)

After FINISHING the Jacksonville spartan super this past weekend, QIC had some thoughts. I was very proud of the group for finishing and also for the outstanding fellowship displayed during the race. We all had to persevere through mental and physical fatigue  and I believe God was running with us that whole race. Perseverance is essential for successful living and it allows us to pursue a goal regardless of obstacles or difficulties. QIC found a bible verse in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 in which the apostle Paul compares the pursuit of Christian life to a footrace. We all must persevere in our daily lives whether it’s with our marriages, children, jobs, through family sickness, and with our daily F3 workouts which can be mentally and physically demanding. QIC reminded the PAX to persevere through the days workout and you will feel stronger for it.


Warm o Rama

side straddle hop

michael phelps

little baby arm circles forwards

the reacher

tempo merkins

flutter kicks


The Thang

we mosied to the church, bear crawled across the street, and continued to mosie to parking lot. Stopped to 10 merkins and 5 burpees and continue mosie to pull up bars. Broke into 2 groups with one group doing squats while other group did dead hangs from pull up bars for 30 seconds to work on our grip strength. Did 3 rounds of that then partnered up to do 3 sets of pull-ups while second group did lunges. Mosied back to parking lot by softball fields and did a circle of burpees while PAX took turns walking the circle carrying a 25 pound dumbbell overhead. Half way through, QIC saw PAX was getting smoked with burpees so modified to some side straddle hops and then some LBC’s and finally a few more burpees while all PAX finished walking the circle. From here we mosied to the softball fields and did a fence jump followed by 10 merkins and a mosie to home plate. PAX bear crawled to first base and performed 10 bobby hurleys and 20 Peter Parker’s. PAX looked smoked and time was up (luckily because I had more planned) so we jumped fence again and mosied back to COT. QIC wasn’t done though, had one last thing we had to persevere through. Finally, a minute and a half plank in COT and now smoked.

Count o rama

name o rama

name FNG

prayer requests for McDreamys parents and safe travels for him

prayers for the guys on IR


Final points from QIC:

maintaining spiritual disciplines and following Gods pace helps our faith to endure

when we feel like giving up, Gods strength sustains us

God rewards those who persevere to the end

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