High Quality VQ

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  • When: 5/18/18
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: D-nice, Toxic (Respect x2)Heisenberg, FnF(Respect x2), Bowzer, Synapse(Respect), Octagon

Today’s beatdown was brought to you by our own Boucher w/ his VQ that didn’t disappoint.

8 witty/sarcastic PAX joined the fray and contributed to this hot mess of fun. Lots of chatter about raw glass and lip climbers. #had2bethere

Conditions: Moist

Mumblechatter Level: Toxic


All IC x10


LBAC f/b



After some intense discussions on how to pick a partner, we all chose a station.  Complete the circuit in a counterclockwise manner, but we all did what we wanted and went clockwise.


10 Merkins
• 10 Big boy sit ups
• Single leg step ups on bench (10 each leg)

Bear crawl to flag

• 10 Inclined Push Ups
• 10 Crunches
• 20 Monkey Humpers

Back pedal to flag

• 10 Declined Push Ups
• 10 V ups
• 20 Prisoner squats

Karaoke to flag

• 10 Diamond Push Ups
• Insert 10 sucky abdominal exercises here
• 10 Huggie-Bucket squats
Hug bucket, go to knees, come back up

Hand hold skip to flag

*Some PAX thought this was inappropriate and held their own hands instead of being a team player and were very immature.

• Carolina dry docks
• Insert 10 sucky abdominal exercises here
• 10 Mountain-Climbers (10 Each leg)

Wheel barrel to flag

Rinse and repeat with a new partner in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE manner.

We then engaged in what might be a new exercise called caterpillar?

Indian run style where man in front goes down in a plank position while the rest jump over them.  We performed this ALL around the park(1 lap).


Boucher reminded us of the importance of making our bed first thing in the morning.  F3 is like that for us. Complete a task and be better for it.  He also mentioned being a consumer for almost a year and it was his turn to give back.  Closed out with a prayer for the Mudrun PAX and Drone, OTC, and Cousin Eddie.

Nice work Boucher!



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