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This was my first Q and backblast

May 21, 2018

QIC : Inside-Out

The Pax: Rim Shot, Pom Pom, Stitch, Sand Crab, McDreamy, Airbags, Dollarbill, Check Please, HappyFeet, Wahoo, BadaBing

Asked the group to do something for the M this week to show that they care about the relationship.

Warm Up

Side straddle hop x20

Little baby arm circles forward x15

Little baby arm circle backward x15

Michael Phelps x15

Don Quixote’s   x 15

The Thang

Football field was very wet so decided to do most of the workout in the parking lot.

Mosey to near the football field and in the parking lot we did the Dora 1-2-3.   Setup cones possibly 100 yards apart or a short drive in my car.    Get into pair teams…. Pax 1 execute as many reps as possible while pax 2 sprints to cones and back… goal is 100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 squats. 

Setup another set of cones nearby….had two cones 20 yards apart.   Bear crawl to opposite cone and do 5 mike Tysons.  Repeat the routine 5 times OYO.

Did a short mosey and then did ROXANNE .     Got into circle and jog in place.  Everytime you hear the word Roxanne u do a burpee. 

Started here and did a zombie walk for maybe 100 yards.   The whole group was groaning so I decided to stop and do ABC ( in a leg lift position draw the letters of the alphabet in the air). 

Short mosey back to the circle for name rama , announcements and prayer requests.

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