Of Inspiration and Perspiration

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  • When: 05/29/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Outhouse, Inside Out, McDreamy (respect), Dollar Bill, Crash, Yard Sale, Squeege (respect), Gravy (FNG), Happy Feet, Check Please!

Back in The Day (YHC will pause here for the collective “here-goes-the-old-guy-again” groan from the younger members of the reading audience), YHC had the pleasure of engaging in track workouts with his brother-in-law, a runner named John Tuttle.  John had all the talent in the world, as indicated by his times in the 5k (13:48), mile (4:02) and marathon (2.10:52), the latter of which earned him a spot on the 1984 US Olympic team.  During his track workouts, John would rip off 1:04 quarter mile repeats one after another…after another… after another. As remarkable as it was to watch pure and true world-class speed absolutely blister the track, what YHC remembers most from these workouts is what John looked like afterward.  He was absolutely wrecked. Down on all fours, gasping for oxygen, then minutes later pulling himself up to his feet, literally hanging onto the fence for support.  All the talent in the world?  Just about.  All the effort he could muster?  Indeed.  It was incredibly inspiring.

John is now 59 and lives in the mountains of North Carolina; it’s been a couple of decades since YHC had the pleasure of sharing a track with him.  YHC misses those workouts and that inspiration, but on this morning, in the not-so-gloomy Badlands gloom, YHC delighted in a bit of deja vu.  We all have our weaknesses to work on; YHC is a walking pull-up disaster, for example. For others, it’s running.  So hats off to the men who came out this morning to attack their weaknesses, so that they’ll be that much more prepared when life calls on them to be the next man in, be it for their friends, families or F3 brothers.  The heart of the workout was bridge street light suicides, and some F3 brothers who in the world of triathlons would be known endearingly as Clydesdales — Inside Out, Yard Sale and Crash — did not FQ. There are a lot of things YHC likes about F3 — the FNG naming ceremony, how we all approach and interpret faith, the beatdowns themselves — but to see people truly pushing themselves to get better, to willingly embrace pain and suffering in the pursuit of improvement, that, my friends, is what really floats YHC’s boat.  So Inside Out, Yard Sale, and especially the upper-respiratory-challenged Crash, thank you for your uplifting gift of inspiration this morning. You made all of us want to get better.



  • Michael Phelps
  • Downward Dog (walking that dog)
  • SSH
  • Curtsy lunges (shout out to Bada Bing, who seemed all-too-familiar with how to curtsy…)

The Workout

The Bike Brigade debuted today; thanks to Squeege for leading Happy Feet and FNG Gravy on the inaugural bike beatdown.

Nine runners set out for the 210 bridge, moseying to the base, and then stopping for a couple of minutes of planking at the base of bridge, with some discussion of May’s core concept (Next Man In).   From there, we embarked on three bridge suicides; up to the first street light, back down; up to the second street light, down; and up and back to the third street light.   Some impressive speed flashed at the end by Dolla Bill.  Mosey back with some strides mixed in and some masculine power skips, and an AYG for the last 200 yards or so (nice pick-up by Bada Bing here).  Some monkey humpers for passing vehicles as well as the Bike Brigade, and 15 merkins tossed in as well.  These seemed to be deeply and enthusiastically appreciated by the Pax members who had posted for The Murph yesterday.


Talked about the core concept for May and the scripture quote as well (Romans 15:1), noting how we work hard at F3 so that we indeed by ready to the the Next Man In, no matter the situation.  And we talked of the strength needed to bear the burdens of those who struggle with them, without complaint, and how this strength can take different forms, be it physically ‘being there’ for someone or providing tough love when necessary.  The brother of Biscuit was appropriately dubbed “Gravy” — we can only hope he brings along an FNG that we can dub “Red Eye.”  Welcome Gravy!

Always a pleasure and an honor to serve as the Q — have a good week.  YHC out.


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