Shared Q beat down from Osteen and Check please

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  • When: 06/02/2018
  • QIC: Osteen and Check Please
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Boucher (Respect), inside out, papa smurf (double Respect), Zamboni (Respect), sand crab ( Respect), yard sale, the force, bookmark, wrangler, pickle, rim shot

The pax descended upon Poseidon for a surprise shared Q from Osteen and Check Please. It promised to be a tough, exhausting workout and I believe that was accomplished, the pax seemed spent.


So let’s get to the Warm O Rama Q’d by Osteen:


arm circles forward

arm circles backward

moroccan night club

5 burpees

10 iron mikes

10 merkins

50 LBC’s OYO

10 SSH

10 mountain climbers

10 Peter parkers

10 Parker peters


The Thang:


Q led us in a mosey around the soccer field telling the pax to always face south by performing shufffle steps and back pedals to move around the field. The real fun was about to begin with many wind sprints to get the heart rate moving. We performed wind sprint ladders as follows:

1. Run length of soccer field and perform 50 iron mikes and run back

2. Run down and back then performing a mucho chesto with 50 total merkins. Then run down and back again

3. Run down back down again performing another mucho chesto then down back down again with LBC’s

4. Run down back down again with 50 squats performed and then down back down performing scissor kicks until the 6 was in

At this point pax was feeling it and Osteen handed off to Check Please. Check please immediately gave the pax a refresher by allowing a 15 second Lindsey Lohan to catch their breath. Q heard lots of mumble chatter saying Check Please was their favorite Q for allowing this yet they didn’t know what was to come. Half way through Check Please Q pax was not saying I was their favorite anymore and mumble chatter turned to complaints but Q took that as a badge of honor that the pax was working to exhaustion.

After the brief reprieve with the LL, Q led the pax over to the playground set with his usual favorite of pull-ups. Pax performed 3 sets of 10 pull-ups and 40 squats. Now that our legs were back and ready from all the previous running we resumed the sprints on the soccer field except doing several suicides instead of sprints. First suicide was performed with 5 burpees each time hitting the end line for 20 total burpees. Second suicide was performed with 20 LBC’s each time for 80 total LBC’s. Third suicide was performed with 10 monkey humpers performed each time for 40 total monkey humpers. Q had several more suicides planned but time was running short and pax was spent.

Returned to the COT to finish up a handful of exercises to close out the day. Performed SSH, flutter kicks, raise the roof, big boy sit-ups, pickle pounders, and a 1 minute plank.

Count o rama

name o rama

prayer requests


Q led prayer

All in all, think was a successful shared Q from Osteen and Check Please and maybe another will be in the future.

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