Poseidon — June 9, 2018 – SandCrab

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Another great day for F3 at Poseidon.  As the Q pulled up, the early morning runners had just finished (Jumanji and Outhouse).  The Q was in a really good state of mind due to finally brining along his second grandson!

The Men started to gather and it quickly become a day of FNG’s.  8 new FNG’s arrived!  It was going to be their lucky day.  A day at the beach for them was planned!!!

We circled up and Jumanji volunteered to give the F3 introductions due to so many FNG’s today!!   The words of wisdom shared gave us all a new grounding and re-centered us on our mission.

The Q, the one called Sandcrab was in the ring and called the men to attention.  He invited Pickle to help with the warm up exercises as this young man loves F3 and enjoys helping in the Q!!  We started off with SSHs, Michael Phelps and a good Pigeon Stretch.    The Q got the Men into Double Apple Sauce formation and instructed the men to Indian Run only once around.  After each full loop the Q will be leading the team in an interval exercise.  The Team got about a block closer to the beach and halted for a set of SSHs.  Then back in formation to the light.  Across A1A toward the dune!  Continuing in the Indian run loops.

Once over the dune on the beach the real fun started.  The Poseidon men would be in Double Apple Sauce formation doing Indian Runs, after each rotation the Q lead the team in an interval of exercises.  These included, Little Baby Crunches, SSHs, Tempo air squats in cadence with the Q counting to 3 very slowly, set of 5 burbees with 2 or 3 merkins each, some in cadence with your partner doing a hand slap during the merkins to add to the fun.  The PAX started to show varying degrees of running speed.  A few Wagon Wheels were called out with the PAX having a choice of going back or doing a set of exercises.  Time to turn back, rinse and repeat on the way back with runs and intervals.  With the speed variances the Q challenged the faster men to run circles around the Double Apple Sauce formation, which a few did all the way back letting these stallions run free!

Back to the corner at A1A and the PAX couldn’t help but do a set of pickle pounders and monkey humpers.  Ran back to the park.  Once back, the men circled up and Wrangler asked to lead the men in some yoga stretches until all the men were back.  Rim Shot reported our distance to be about 4 ½ miles!  Count yielded 20 Men!  With 7 FNGs to be named.

The PAX welcomed the following FNGs:  Knuckles, Skeltor, Code Red, Black Out, Detour, Flipper, Hang Time

Thanks to all the F3 men that helped with the large group of FNGs:  Jumanji, OutHouse, Bobber, Yard Sale, Dory, Wrangler, Zamboni (respect), Rim Shot, Malware, Pickle, Inside Out, SandCrab

Finally, the Q would like to apologize for running over a little, I think I was over time at the end by a few minutes.

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