Climbing the Pyramids

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  • When: 06/18/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Gizzard (welcome back!), Air Bags (respect), McDreamy (respect), Sand Crab (respect), Mr. Freeze (respect), Mr. Yuk, Zamboni (respect), Gravy (19.5 pounds lighter), Dollar Bill (where Fiddy Cent?!), Ssssssnaggle!

Quick BB today — gotta get to work!!!


  • No FNGs
  • Disclaimer


  • Mosey around the parking lot a couple of times
  • Mosey interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Yuk at roughly 5:33am. The Pax collectively wished Mr. Yuk good morning and then embarked on 10 burpees.
  • Cotton Pickers – IC
  • Side straddle hops – so close to being IC, but not quite…
  • Michael Phelps – IC
  • Toy Soldiers — IC

The Thang

  • Aborted Route 66 – we did three lights but the Q, who this morning had the attention span of – SQUIRREL! – a canine cartoon character was suddenly drawn to the lure of a pyramid session under the lights at the end of Bear Crawl Hall. Audible!
  • Bear crawl halfway down Bear Crawl Hall, crab walk or walk crab the remainder.
  • Time to climb the pyramids…
    • Squats (fingertips on both hands touching the ground, chest up, weight in the heels): 30, 45, 60, 45, and 30-second intervals with 10-second breaks in-between.
    • High knees pyramid
    • Dips (feet up on first row of bleachers)
    • Gasser down Bear Crawl Hall for a break from the pyramids
    • LBC pyramid
    • Merkin pyramid
    • Another gasser
    • Mosey back to the Flagpole


  • A most excellently ripe BOM this morning – the humidity served as a potent aromatic catalyst for the Pax.
  • Discussion of June’s core value, about putting the achievements of others ahead of yourself. YHC shared his firm’s philosophy with regard to this: Client first; firm second; team third; individual fourth.
  • Prayers for those on IR, for family members under stress, and thanks for the opportunity to come together and use our mind and bodies to leave better than when we came.

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