Respect Authority!

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  • When: 6/19/2018
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect!), Airbags (respect!), Pom Pom, Mr. Yuck, Inside Out, Seinfeld, Gravy, Happy Feet

YHC arrived with the American flag in tow, prepared to welcome the PAX.  Mumblechatter consisted of humidity, temperature and vacations.   In all, 9 men trickled in.   With Tuesdays designated as run/bike days, 4 men opted for the bike and 5 for the run.  The theme of the day: Respect Authority!


15 SSH

15 Michael Phelps

15 Hillbillies


THANG (approx. 3.5 mile run, combo of 100 merkins/diamonds/bridgekins/right-left staggered merkins, and 200 LBCs)

Run to Gate Station – 20 Diamonds

Run to  base of bridge- 50 LBCs

Indian Run to top of bridge – 20 bridgekins

Run to eastern base- 50 LBCs

Indian Run to top of bridge – 20 bridgekins

Indian Run to bottom of bridge- 50 LBCs

Run to Gate Station – 20 right staggered and 20 left staggered merkins

Run to Flagpole

1 minute of LBCs at Flagpole



Reminder- Hacker Tourney July 13th

Celebration- Men making men better!  Gravy’s weight loss!

Prayer Requests: Cornhole eye surgery, IR, and DB’s family vacation.

DB challenged PAX to respect authority this week.

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