Humidity and Mumblechatter

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  • When: 06/23/2018
  • The PAX: Septum, D-Nice, Boucher (Respect), Synapse (double respect),LIFO

5 PAX decided they had too much comfort in their air conditioned homes, so they decided to post at ANCHOR.  YHC noticed a sign about staying off the grass until dry. We assumed that at 7am all was good as this was probably done the day before.


  • Chinook 19 IC
  • Freddy Mercury 19 ic
  • Wonderbra 19 ic
  • BBSU 15 OYO
  • Tempo Merkin 10 IC
  • LBAC fwd 19 IC
  • Toy Soldiers 19 IC

there was quite a bit of mumblechatter about being in teh grass. but we figured it’s still ok.

The Thang:

Modified Dora 1-2-3. No partner. YHC spotted some trash (an empty Capri Sun carton about 25 yds away) and decided this was a good turn around point.

100 Maktar N’Dyaies, 200 Toy Soldiers (2 legs =1), 300 Freddy Mercury.   After 10, 20 or 30 of teh exercise each PAX must either Lunge walk, Bear Crawl or Crab Walk to Capri Sun. Do 10, 20,30, then back each pass alternate locoomtion method.

  • Audible 1 – Drop 200 Toy Soldiers to 150
  • Audible 2 – Can sub Squats for some Toy Soldiers
  • Audible 3 – Backwards run during the 300 Freddy Mercury.

Septum was saying, he was going blind..could it be the pesticides? Quite a bit of talk about Miller High Life and Lowenbrau beer.

Burpee/Calf raise combo – 1/10/2/10/3/10/4/10/5/10

Mosey to bench

  • tempo dips 19 ic
  • tempo irkins 15 ic
  • tempo derkins 10 ic
  • step ups 5 per leg
  • tempo dips 15 ic
  • tempo irkins 10 ic
  • tempo derkins 5 ic
  • calf raises 20 ic

All done – much sweat was lost and beer knowledge gained.

Prayers to D-Nice father in law, Synapse family. Drone and family, OTC and family.

Side note: D-Nice and Septum ran. LIFO, Barry Shinkoff and Red Card (2.o) Rucked at Dolly.

Full 100%  participation at Maple Street (they have a new menu) and while we are there much discussion on cruise smuggling, firearms, and Civil war battles.

Until nexttime.


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