Boondocks Partner Beatdown

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  • When: 06/16/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Butcher, Updraft (respect), Twister, Piano Man, Pusher, Feud

6 strong PAX fought off the fart sack and posted in the Mandarin gloom. The Jax PAX were spread thin this weekend due to Jacksonville now having three Saturday AOs, a planned practice ruck (for the Go Ruck STAR), and a several participating in a triathlon.   YHC had the privilege of taking the reins at the newest F3 Jacksonville Saturday AO for its third beatdown. For the first 2 Saturdays, the PAX at Boondocks came out strong and were maturing fast. YHC felt it was time to christen this AO with a few F3 Jacksonville staples…. Disclaimer provided and a reminder that the man to the left of you is your responsibility.

• SSH x20 IC
• Hillbillies x15 IC
• Reach through x10 IC
• Don Quixote x12 IC
• LBAC forward/backwards x15 IC
• Squats x15 IC
• Merkins x10 IC
• LBC x15 IC

The Thang

This being our third beatdown at this new and beautiful AO, we have yet made use of the playground. Today this would change! Mosey to the playground for:

• Six-pack ladder at the playground
o 1 pull-up and 5 merkins, 2 pull-ups and 4 merkins… etc to 5 pull-ups and 1 merkin, then repeat 5 pull-ups and 1 merkin working way back down to 1 pull-up and 5 merkins

Mosey to one of the grassy fields where the PAX were greeted by three cones that for some reason resembled an isosceles triangle. That could only mean one thing:

• Jacksonville Isosceles Triangle of Death
o With a partner, start with 10 burpees, then bear crawl to cone (counterclockwise direction) and perform 9 burpees, bear crawl to next cone and perform 8 burpees, on and on down to 1 burpee.

One more cone was added and rearranged in to a square for more partner exercises:

• Face the Flag Partner Corner-2-Corner
o Cone 1: Squats x20 reps, Forward lunge to Cone 2
o Cone 2: Left leg lunge x20 reps, Side lunge to Cone 3
o Cone 3: Right leg lunge x20 reps, Backward lunge to Cone 4
o Cone 4: Jump knee tucks x20 reps, Side lunge to Cone 1

• Face the Flag Partner Corner-2-Corner II
o Cone 1: LBCs x20 reps, Forward Crab Walk to Cone 2
o Cone 2: Flutter Kicks x20 reps, Side Crab Walk to Cone 3
o Cone 3: Rosalittas x20 reps, Crab Walk to Cone 4
o Cone 4: Box Cutters x20 reps, Side Crab Walk to Cone 1

• Partner Corner-2-Corner III
o Cone 1: Merkins x20 reps, Wheelbarrow to Cone 2
o Cone 2: Werkins x20 reps, Wheelbarrow to Cone 3
o Cone 3: Staggered merkins right x20 reps, Partner carry to Cone 4
o Cone 4: Staggered merkins left x20 reps, Partner carry to Cone 1

There was still just enough time for a good ole fashion regular suicide run before moseying to the flag.


YHC read from the Good Book, Philippians 2: 2-4: “…complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing. Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each looking out for not his one interests, but (also) for everyone for those of others.” This reading always reminds him of F3, and how we post, not for ourselves, but for our families and for each other. My grandmother passed away from a heart attack, my uncle and father had bypass surgery. I would like to be around to grow old with my wife and see my kids grow up. YHC talked about his experience with F3, and how at the beginning it was men like OTC and Big Bird that inspired him to continue.

Prayers/Announcements for:
• PAX on a practice ruck and participating in the triathlon
• For YHC who will be going on a week-long service mission to St. Augustine with the youth of his church
• Lord’s prayer

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