Get annual physical and don’t hide from uncomfortable medical screening.

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When : June 26, 2018

QIC : InsideOut

The Pax: Inside-out, Happy Feet, Gravy, Squeege,  YardSale, Seinfeld, Airbags, Pompom, McDreamy, Bullwinkle,  MrYuck,  BadaBing


Side strattle hope 15x IC

Little baby arm circle 15x IC

Little baby arm circle backward 15x IC

Michael Phelps 15x IC

Don Quixote 15x IC

The Thang:   Three mile run over the Palm Valley Bridge with some fun exercises along the way.  

Also recently some of the group has been biking instead of running.

Started with short karaoke right and karaoke left for maybe 50 yards…..Jogged to the red light for 20 Monkey humpers OYO……Did a modified Indian run for maybe one mile where the last person had to do one burpee before running to the front of the group……….Once we reached the bridge there were 50 squats OYO……….AT the top of the bridge was 14x bridgekins ( don’t know why I picked 14x,,,,,,,,,,,,At the half way of the jog we did 40x LBC  OYO……..Ran back across the bridge and did 10x burpee at the bottom of the bridge……Jogged back toward the flag but had the PAX sprint the last 100 yards….Then back to the flag for announcements and prayer requests.

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