No Pain, No Gain

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  • When: 07/10/2018
  • QIC: Crash
  • The PAX: Osteen, Airbags (Respect), Inside Out, Mr. Yuck, Low Maintenance, Yard Sale, Happy Feet, Squeege (Respect), Gravy, Peg, Outhouse and Wahoo.

13 Men braved the gloom @ 5:30 with heat of 75 and humidity of 95% this morning in the Badlands of Davis Park. Tuesdays are normally Run or Bike, but today I felt like it was a log day with a side of running.

Quote for this morning: Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping together is Progress, Working together is Success. Henry Ford


Warm-up began a second late due to a 15 second late arrival (Wahoo). So of course 10 Burpees were in order to start the morning out with a bang.

Followed by 10 SS Hops, 10 Fwd/Bkwds Little Baby Arm Circles, & 10 Michael Phelps. We went to our 6 for some Flutter kicks, 10 Hello Dollies, 20 LBC’s, flipped to our front for 10 Superman Back Extensions and % Dive Bombers to end the warm-up.


We had 3 stations setup around our half mile course. We split into 3 crews. Crews 2nd and 3rd got to mosey to the next parking lot (1/3 of a mile) or to the concession stand (2/3 of a mile). Where they would came upon a die with 11 different exercises on it, give it a roll and see what they got. The crew would then do 2-3 different exercises, they mosey to the next station. 1st crew stayed at the COT where we had 2 logs. After a little training on how to lift the logs off the ground and onto their right shoulders we processed to do 10 on the Left and 10 on the Right Log Squats. 2nd exercise was the Over Head Log hold, 30 seconds. And after Dollar Bill’s beat down yesterday morning for Chest-a-Rama, that 30 seconds felt a bit longer. We all needed to serve the crew to get thru the log lift exercises. Overhead Log Lift was repeated after a 10 second break. We slowly lower the logs and headed off to the next station. Round 2 at the logs was a little more challenging because your timing needed to spot on or your crew mates were going to be pulling some extra load. 20 Log sit-ups (log on chest). Then 10 Walking Log Lunges.


Reminder for the Friday Golf outing

Prayers for McD and family & Gravy who will be going to the Prison this weekend to speech and share with the inmates.

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