Another Badlands Milestone…

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  • When: 7/16/2018
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Malware, AirBags, Outhouse, Osteen, Full Monte, Madhatter, Wahoo, Mr. Yuck, Pom Pom, Dollar Bill, Booshay, Stitch, Happy Feet, Check Please, SandCrab, BullWinkle, Peg, Skim, Squeege, Nooner, Yardsale, Depends, TriDelt, Zambomi, Mr. Clean, InSide Out, Slash, Tinkle, Snookie, Pyro, Bada Bing, Seinfeld (by proxy)

July 16th , 2018 marked the first anniversary of Ponte Vedra’s Badlands AO. And what a year it has been…

YHC recounted the following stats to 33 HIM (record attendance!)  who posted in honor of their collective achievements in a pre- beatdown BOM:

  1. By the numbers…52 weeks of F3 = 150 workouts per person = 75,000 calories burned per person = 25 lbs of body weight = > 400 miles of running per person
  2. What you have witnessed…
  • 1 workout per week grow to 5
  • 2 men, with the help of other men, grow to 50
  • A second AO at Poseidon
  • 25 men uniting to challenge themselves in the Spartan Super
  • A Broga workout
  • A bible study
  • A Bike Brigade
  • A golf tournament
  1. What you have experienced…
  • Sweltering heat
  • Bitter cold
  • Misty mornings
  • Driving rain
  • Beautiful starry skies and breathtaking sunrises as you revel in an awesome start to your day
  • Injuries— but more importantly, encouragement and personal triumph in overcoming them
  • Men rise up to lead other men— to do something they’ve never done before, and cheering them on, regardless of the result
  1. What you have mastered…
  • A new language– where fartsacking, limp members, and monkey humpers are immediately understood
  • Becoming servant leaders and followers, often in the same workout
  1. What you have enjoyed…
  • Many second Fs, formal and informal — where we have laughed with and at one another. But more important— cared for another.
  • Giving your time and your money in support of your brothers
  • Watching what happens at home. Your children and wives have noticed you in your transformation. Your 2.0s have F3 names, and your wives have started a FIA chapter

We are different men today because we left no man behind and no man where we found him—- today truly marks a MILESTONE


Warm up

SSH x 17

Hillbilly x 10

Moroccan night club (NR) x 10

LBAC forward/ backward (NR) x 20

Reacher x 10

Down dog— calf peddle, oyo

“7/13” = 7 + 13 = 20 of the best burpees you’ve ever done in honor of the Badlands


The Thang


Partner up: P1 and P2 must carry their ‘Stone’ (cinderblock) one mile along Davis Park Drive. The stone is carried overhead, and a handoff occurs at each street lamp, positioned approximately 75 yds apart along the way. At the handoff, P1 does 20 LBCs, P2 does 20 merkins. On the return trip (second half mile), the exercises changed to mountain climbers and squats (20 each).  

Back at the flag, we enjoyed Dollies, Birth canals and a raised leg spelling bee— “happy birthday Badlands”

BOM: NR/ CR/ 2 FNGs—welcome Noonan and TriDelta/ Announcements/ Prayers

The simple message was reiterated– Leave no man behind but no man where you found him

Thanks for a terrific year fellas—may there be many more. I love you all—


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