The Mysterious Septum – KesselRun – 2018.07.16

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  • When: 07/16/2018
  • QIC: SearDown
  • The PAX: BigBird, Septum

The Mysterious Septum – Kessel – 2018.07.16


July Core Value:

Concept – Service

Phrase – We change ourselves to change each other to change the world/JAX

Verse – A life not lived for others is not a life ~ Mother T


Here’s a secret, YHC is a faux-runner, especially in the summer.  Very little sounds worse than pounding out miles in 1,000% humidity, so it should be no surprise that my Qs rarely involve straight running and today was no exception.  The goal of today was to strain the body by adding some extra weight (30+lbs for all) to the equation and since that reminds me of OCRs, might as well throw some OCR focused exercises as well.

Why call out Septum?  It doesn’t matter if the man comes once a week or year, if you throw some weight on him, he’s going to push it.  And that he did.  Even though BigBird didn’t quite live up to the “I can run really fast while carrying heavy things” that was promised before, all 3 PAX were cruising, dying and pushing it some more.  One interesting moment was when two dudes literally backed away from YHC when they saw me approaching with a large, heavy, duct tapped item clutch to my chest.


Warm Up:

  • Carry weight to benches
  • Jog to stairs
  • 10 burpees
  • OYO Jog around Museum circle – Flutter Kick for 6
  • 75 Side Straddle Hops


The Thang:

  • Carry Weight to and up/down stairs and back
  • 10 wall climbs
  • Carry Weight to Stop Light on Main street bridge
  • 10 I-beam pull-ups
  • Carry weight around Museum loop (~.5mi)
  • Run w/o weight full length of Main St bridge and back
  • Repeat (we made 1.33 rounds)



  • Move weights and men to the start spot prior to 5:30 to avoid losing time
  • Serving at Trinity on Friday


QIC: SeatDown

PAX: BigBird, Septum

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