Pool Party: Man your stations!

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  • When: 07/20/2018
  • QIC: Pom Pom & Peg
  • The PAX: Yard Sale, Pickle, Bada Bing, Sandcrab, Inside out, Papa Smurph, Rim Shot, Nooner, Blackout, Bullwinkle, Check Please, Zamboni, Free Willie FNG, McDreamy, Shineola FNG, Peg, Beetle Juice FNG, Moonwalk, Slash, Bobber

20 Stations plus 5 contingency station in case we had extra pax of 20.  21 Pax, so 21 stations equaled 1 cycle.  Each station using equipment offered 2 to 3 weight options to accommodate all fitness/strength levels. We used Tabada Pro App as the timer (45 seconds work 20 seconds rest for 1st cycle through station and adjusted to 38 seconds work on 2nd cycle)
1. Plate Pinch carry. Walk in Volleyball court sand.
2. Battle Rope.
3. Bucket Carry (Spartan Style) Full & Half Full Buckets
4. Famer Carry  Full & Half Full Buckets. Walk in Volleyball Sand.
5. Pom Pom Lunges of course.  Elbow to Ankle. Knee never passes the Ankle.
6. Circle Curls
7. AB Wheel
8. Thruster with Barbell and Dumbell options
9. Jump Rope
10. Exploder Merkins.  From laying position Exploding Pushup to hands off the ground
11. Kettle Swing.  Concrete Block or Kettlebell
12. Weighted Boxing   Boxing Punches with dumbbells in hands
13. Burpees
14. Lat Raise Front & Side  Dumbells
15. Weighted Squats  35lb Plate or Dumbell Options
16. Merkin with Dumbell lift at plank position
17. Oblique Medicine Ball lift.
18. Toes to Bar / Knees to Chest.  Hanging from pull up bar
19. Box Jumps / Step Ups   Bleachers
20. Hair Burner 35lb plate on Side walk
21. Flutter Kicks
Halftime between cycles was a opportunity to re-tool or make adjustments.  PAX agreed to keep the weights the same, but adjusted the timer down from 45 seconds work to 38 seconds work.
YHC feeling gassed misquotes Les Brown in Tommy Boy fashion, but ultimately gets the point across.  The real quote: “Do what is Easy and life will be Hard. Do what is Hard and life will be Easy.”
Example of doing the extra and avoiding the easy: The Salesman that makes the extra call, The Father that spends extra time with his son or daughter, The husband that buys flowers for his wife for no reason.
Continued Prayers for Stitch and his family after the loss of our F3 brother Shock-treatment.

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