Spartans Reunite!

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  • When: 07/30/2018
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Airbags, Slash, Squeege, Check Please, Dollar Bill, Wahoo, Bullwinkle, Shineola, Black out, Gravy, Seinfeld, Snooki, Bada Bing, Papa Smurf, Outhouse, Sandcrab, Mr Yuck, Madhatter, Welcome--NutShell

This month in 480 BC, King Leonidas of Sparta and 300 Spartans were killed at the Battle of Thermopylae against a massive Persian army. He actually had an additional 6, 000 Greek soldiers with at the battles’ outset. When he saw that defeat/ death were eminent, he sent the Greeks away for their protection. Three hundred of his fellow Spartans stayed with him to fight and die. In battle, they used a formation called a phalanx, in which rows of soldiers stood directly next to each other so that their shields overlapped. During a frontal attack, this wall of shields provided significant protection to the warriors behind it. If the phalanx broke, the formation became vulnerable. It was this fatal weakness to the otherwise formidable phalanx formation that proved to be Leonidas’ undoing against an invading Persian army.

Warm up (low jack, Chinook, plank jack, Imperial Walker, hand release merkin –13 each, limp member) Mosey to PL 1 for…

Spartan Circle: 5 station Tabata (30/10) merkins/low jacks/plank jacks/ mountain climbers/Carolina Dry Docks etc. (3 sets total); between each set,

Marathon Suicides 75, 50, 25% to each island and back—30 LBCs/ 30 squats/ 5 burpees at each baseline. Mosey to BCH for…

Soldier Carry—p1 to first flag pole, then switch. Mosey to bleachers for…

Mt Olympus—bearcrawl to top, 15 ‘Olympkins’ at top step, crawl bear to bottom, 15 box jumps (repeat x 3)

Spartan Sprint–AYG to flag

CR/NR/BOM—We are a phalanx. We lock shields; we encourage and protect each other. When one man fails or stumbles, he not only hurts himself, he weakens the body. We hurt with him and because of him. Two thoughts here—1. fight the good fight, so as to not weaken your brothers. 2. If you fall, be transparent and lean on the support of the phalanx to carry you onward.

Announcement—sign up for Spartan Beast!!

Peace out and fight on–McD

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