Don’t be a Lone Ranger!

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  • When: 8/1/2018
  • QIC: Brian Dodds - Snaggle
  • The PAX: Full Monty,Nutshell,Crash,Mad hatter,Dollar Bill,Inside Out,McDreamy,Outhouse,Airbags,Snookie,Skim,Mr. Yuck,Shynola,

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

The Warm Up:

  1. Side Straddle Hop (x20)
  2. Michael Phelps (x20)
  3. Imperial Walker (x12)
  4. Baby arm circles forward and backword (x20)

The Thang:

Cord 1: Moseyed to the first parking lot and lined up on the curb for:

  • Sides straddle merkins (x20) then sprint to the opposite end of the parking lot
  • Jump squats (x20) spint back to the other end of parking lot
  • Grab a curb for incline merkins (x20) then……..Rinse and repeat!

Cord 2: Partnered up and moseyed to the next parking lot as Snaggle realized we were in the wrong location so we doubled back to the first lot. Of course the mumble chatter was kicking into full gear at this point as we made it to the sidewalk leading to the baseball diamonds.

  • Partner wheelbarrels half way down the sidewalk then switch so that partner 2 could finish the remaining wheelbarrel to the bleachers.
  • Box jumps on picnic tables and bleachers with partner counting together (x20)
  • Partner curls/rows (x30)
  • Partner plank 5’s (x20)

Cord 3: Moseyed to the football fields for and created groups of 3 (3 cords is not easily broken). Groups then started on corners of one endzone for:

  • LBC’s (x50) then sprint to opposite endzone
  • Super man pullbacks (x50) then sprint to opposite end zone

Indian run back to the flag


We talked about making sure we continue to connect with one another and not be “lone rangers” otherwise we are much more susceptible to being attacked and overpowered by the enemy/satan.

Prayer requests:

  1. Continued prayers for all the guys that are on IR and need healing
  2. Prayers for Stitch and Shock Treatment’s family (Vernon family)

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