You Get What You Give

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  • When: 08/4/2018
  • QIC: Wahoo
  • The PAX: Blackout, Flipper, McDreamy, PomPom, Star69, SandCrab, Nutshell, BadaBing, BarryShinkoff, Jumanji, Snuffy, InsideOut, PapaSmurf, Osteen, DillPickle, 2 F3 Tally Gents

18 men got better in the beauty of a Jax Beach sunrise today.  YHC was pleased to lead his 1st Poseidon although at times he felt like he was mad-hattering the experience.  A good showing and times by all.

Warm Up: SSH,  Imperial Walkers, Arms Circles F&B, Moroccan Night Clubs, Airbag’s Special Rodeo Chinooks, Cherry Pickers, Don Quixote, (all in cadence), Limp Member (always OYO)


#1 DORA 1,2,3 Partner Up, 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats (cum as a team), counter balance partner goes sidelines to sidelines alternating run, backwards run, carioca

#2 5 stop drills- 4 rounds 10X- pullups, monkey bars, dips, jumps, burpees

#3 Bear Crawl Box- Monkey Humpers, Pickel Pounders, Carolina DryDocks, Flutter Kicks


2 gents from Tally F3 left early including FNG.  Jumanji planning epic 5K charity run Sept 8, Bird Bird tested as marrow donor.  YHC reminded Pax of Core Value of Servant Leadership.  It is not about the “I” or the “We” but about “Them”.   YHC asked Pax to add action verb “love” into their practice of leadership.

Peace. Wahoo.


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