Joy, Happiness and Updog

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  • When: 08/08/18
  • QIC: Wahoo
  • The PAX: Snooki, Blackout, Airbags, Skim, Yard$ale, Nutshell, Star69, Shine-o-la, BadaBing, Gravy

11 men enjoyed the wee hours of zero-dark 30 to get better and challenge their inner warriors.  Turns out a little stretch was in order after the beatdowns delivered by Gravy & Mc “I’m not a fasthole”Dreamy turned runner earlier in the week.

We started and ended the workout the same with a little peaceful meditation.  In between: Child’s Pose, TableTop, PuppyDog, LimpMember extended version, GrabDog, Tadasana, Crescent Lunge, Chair, Warrior 1&2, Peaceful Warrior, Side Angle, Tempo Merkins (in cadence), LBCs oyo and some form of horizontal spinal twist.

COT: YHC had no theme for the day but was studying the concepts of Joy & Happiness.  YHC shared personal challenge of dealing with others in our lives who seemed to lack joy and happiness.  YHC asked men of F3 to be a beacon of joy in the lives of others.  To fight the good fight but to share the joy, ups, downs and sideways that is this roller coaster called life.

Peace.  Wahoo.

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