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  • When: 08/07/2018
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The PAX: Dial-Up (Respect), Barry Shinkoff (Respect), Heisenberg, LIFO, Snuffy (Respect), Feud, Biiiiing, Updraft (Respect), BigBird, Eileen (Respect), Pyro

11 Jax Pax avoided the fartsack to post in the 1000000% gloomidity at ANTHILL.

Welcome & Disclaimer

Partner up for a warm-up mosey around the library. Learn 3 things about your partner (family, kids, work, hobbies, etc)

Circle up on the field

Mountain Climbers IC x 15
SSH IC x 15
Tempo Merkin IC x 15
Hillbilly IC x 15
Reacher IC x 15
Squat IC x 10
Plank Jacks IC x 10
Don Quixote IC x 10
Circle Burp

Pair up with a new partner and mosey to the basketball court
(Learn 3 things about your partner)

Descending Broad Jump/Diamond Merkins on the sidelines.
Broad Jump across then 10 Diamond Merkins
Broad jump back then 8 Mountain Climbers
Continue with 6, 4, 2
Monkey Humpers for the six

Line up on the baseline for Mucho Chesto Suicides
10 diamond, 10 merkins, 10 werkins, 10 left stagger, 10 right stagger
Plank for the six

Partner up and mosey to the front of the library (where did your F3 name come from & what’s your favorite and most hated exercise)

Circle up for Burp and Merk
Traditional burpee with a single push up then complete. Second burpee with two merkins, and so-on. Work up to 10 OYO

New partner (same questions) and mosey to the playground

Pyro’s Feel the Burn 11’s
Pull Ups, Box Jumps (or Heisenberg step ups), and Bear Crawls in between the pull up bars and the picnic tables.

Mosey to the virtual flag

Honor the train with 10 burpees OYO

YHC has planned on the Pledge of Allegiance but alas no shovel flag.

Pax suggested a 100 burpee penalty warm up if there is no flag present #accountability

Naked Moleskin:
YHC has never been a fan of video games but was watching his 2.0 play and was reminded of Super Mario Bros and how the players “Level Up”. In a lot of professions to continue to practice, stay licensed or board certified, etc we have to complete so many CEUs. This should transfer into the other aspects of our lives. We should strive to Level Up and Get Better in our relationships, in our bodies, in our minds, in our communities.

Prayers & Praises.
Don’t forget about Trinity Rescue next Fri 8/17
2nd F Lunch this Fri 8/10 TBD
Iron Pax Challenge this week. Wed with BigBird and also Friday. Meet at the Landon Track.

Always an Honor!


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