The McSlashy Funhouse: What’s in Your Mirror?!

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  • When: 08/13/2018
  • QIC: McSlashy
  • The PAX: Schhhhhnaggle, Osteen, Wahoo, Nutshell, Dollar Bill, Mr Yuck, Outhouse, Inside Out, Gravy, Snookie, Seinfeld, Squeege (respect), Air Bags (respect), Blackout (respect), Skim, Gas Cap, Shinola, FNG (Kodak), Peg, Papa Smurf (double respect), Sandcrab (double respect) Check Please!

Do you see it? The signs are sprouting. Kids are going back to school… Football is back on the air… The morning temperatures are plungin — okay, temps aside, there are some indicators that (as Bob Seeger once wrote) autumn is closing in. While the cool weather remains off on the horizon, summer has peaked, and has begun its ebb. So it’s time to make the most of the seasons before we truly move into fall, and to be sure, no summer is complete without (as Michael Stipe once wrote) a carnival of sorts. And no carnival is complete without a funhouse. So with that in mind, Badlanders McDreamy and Slash teamed up to co-Q The First Annual McSlashy Funhouse. As astute readers may detect, the use of “First Annual” in the preceding description implies that The McSlashy Funhouse is going to make a return next year. Let’s just say the cardboard signs have been saved and we have engaged the services of our high-priced legal team, Dolla Bill and O’Steen, to trademark the McSlashy name on the off-chance that McDonald’s introduces a Slushy drink on its menu. All rights reserved. Void where prohibited.

Onto the workout…

• SSHs, which were actually done in cadence, under O’Steen’s unwavering gaze…
• Hillbilly
• Da Dirty Dog
• Burpees for late arriving Pax
• Chinook Squats
• Very short mosey

24 stations — 40 seconds of work at each station, then 20 seconds to rest and move to next station.

Inside Playground:
1. Teeter-Totter Jumps / modify to lunges if knees are an issue
2. Swing Groiners
3. Knee-Ups
4. Pull-Ups / Hang
5. Stairs (Ups & Downs)
6. Dips
7. Rows
8. Bear Crawl Around Pavilion
9. Derkins inside pavilion – feet on bench or table
10. Battle Rope

Outside Playground:
11. Shuttle Run #1
12. Balls to the Outhouse – in this case, the “outhouse” was the mobile structure positioned just outside the playground, and NOT the Badlander!!!
13. Farmer’s Walk with Sandbags
14. Weighted Vest Merkins
15. Flutter Kicks
16. Squat Thrusts with 35-lb Plate
17. Jump Rope
18. Ground & Pound (Hammer)
19. LBCs with 35-lb Plate
20. Burpees
21. Rapid Side Straddle Hops
22. Plank
23. Carolina Dry Docks
24. Shuttle Run #2

COT / BOM / Watermelon Time
Welcome FNG Kodak! See you at the airport, literally!
Prayers for Seinfeld’s uncle, and those on IR.
McD noted that a funhouse is fun because it distorts things for our enjoyment. Funhouse mirrors, in particular, use convex and concave shaping to alter the true form of that which is being reflected. As men though, we need to live our lives without distortion, angles, or ulterior motives. Let us be transparent and forward facing. Mathew 5:37 King James version: “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” Let us live lives of singularity and integrity today.

Always a pleasure to work out with you all! Until next time, McSlashy is … OUT!

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