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  • When: 08/15/2018
  • QIC: Snuffleapagus
  • The PAX: Header, Xenu, The Barry_Shinkoff, Dr. Okie

5 Pax met at Friendship Fountain for TACMO, heading around the fountain we hit the Main Street Bridge as we toped the bridge we met up with the changing of the bridge operators and exchanged some good mornings, while wondering how boring that job is sitting on top of a draw bridge all night waiting on a sail boat or a tug boat to come through. One of them did reply something about video games. LOL.

We made our way to Stage Coach went up the 10 flights of stairs and proceeded to the top floor for some squats OYO, made our way down to 9 and for some Erkins 10 OYO, down to 8 more squats, down to 7 more Erkins, down to 6 more Squats. Finished up the stair case due to time constraints. Headed back across the bridge around Mosh around the fountain.

Counta-Rama, COT, prayers for Dr. Okie closed with prayer.


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