The 20 mile road run (or 4.6 miles)

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  • When: 08/14/2018
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: Slash (Respect),biscuit,dollar bill,Osteen,skim,outhouse,McDreamy (Respect),airbags (Respect), papa smurf (double Respect), yard sale, mr yuck, inside out, Seinfeld, defrane (Respect), nutshell, Kodak, bullwinkle, gravy, gas cap, sand crab (double Respect)

Skim are you out there somewhere? Slash and biscuit, you out there? Well in the early morning and the gloom we left Davis park for a run through 20 mile in nocatee while a few others rode bikes. Suffice to say we all didn’t make it back. Think we lost some in St Augustine somewhere and we are still searching for the man known as skim. Come home brother!!!!!

Circled up at Davis park promptly at 5:30 am for warmups as follows:

seal jacks ( performed perfectly in cadence, well done men)

little baby arm circles forwards and backwards

tempo squats

tempo merkins

the reacher

limp member

Split into runners and bikers and runners ran in nocatee to the school bridge, approximately 2.4 miles, while the bikers went on a big loop around nocatee then performed exercises as follows:

25 burpees,50 merkins, 100 SSH, 100 squats, 200 LBC

At the school bridge the pax did 5 burpees mixed with 5 merkins per burpee. Did 5 diamond,5 regular,5 wide,5 staggered right, and 5 staggered left. Bear crawled across bridge then performed another 5 burpees with 5 mountain climbers each leg mixed in. Continued our run about .8 of a mile to Crosswater church where the pax did 5 or up to 10 pull-ups. Back to COT for count o rama, name o rama, prayer requests, announcements and a final prayer by Check Please.

Wonderful, big turnout for run day with a total of 4.6 miles ran due to several wagon wheels adding to the total. Great to see such a large turnout and men working hard.  Big shout out to a F3 brother visiting from North Carolina, hope workout was a good one for you. Now just need to find our lost brothers. Skim, where are you??????

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