Flounder’s Anniversary

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After an early Clydesdale dolly and a ruck around Riverside, 14 PAX gathered to celebrate the one year anniversary of Flounder joining F3. YHC proved that he does, in fact, have too much time on his hands by coming up with several seemingly creative but ultimately non impressive workouts.

In attendance: Flounder(Q), Scrim (respect?), Heisenberg, Toxic double respect, Synapse double respect, Mr Hyde, Cousin Eddie, Snuffy respect, Lifo, Septum, D-Nice, S.O.C., The Barry Shinkoff respect and Xenu respect.

Warm Up – began with an opening prayer for PUD and whatever challenge he and his family may be dealing with.

All exercise in cadence for a count of 19 to honor Flounders Anniversay date (actually tomorrow not today)

LBAC forward
LBAC backward
Flutter kicks (much grumbling about wet grass)
Freddie Mercury

Tortoise and the Hare – BOMBS
Teams of two chased each other around Memorial Park while carrying a coupon (weight, block or slosh tube) and performing the following:
20 Burpees
40 Overhead Claps
60 Merkins
80 Big boy sit ups
100 Squats

The Thing – Artistic Creation
YHC made a mediocre attempt at spelling out F3 in the middle of the field inside the circle. Cones were strategically placed in the field and explicit instructions were provided. All PAX followed perfectly and way too many exercises were completed to list in this backblast. Thank you Xenu for being the human GPS tracker.

The Final Thang
YHC thought we should end by playing the song Tubthumpin. PAX performed SSH’s while the music played and then performed a burpee every time the words “I get knocked down” were sung. This happens way too many times in this song and by the end many including myself were simply happy to be moving at all.

YHC discussed the importance of community 2F and how we shouldn’t try to handle things alone. Together we bring light to each other and darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Rely on each other, support each other, both on this field and off. When a brother is lagging, help him, no questions asked. Finishing first is less important than making sure we ALL finish.

Closed in prayer and a reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

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