Love Thy Back

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My VQ, aka 1st Rookie Start, for was fun and a great learning opportunity for me.

When: 8/16/2018, 5:30 AM ET.

Where:  Davis Park (Ponte Vedra/Nocatee)

Who: VQ – BooShay (Mike Ryan) for Badlands

Pax: (28 total) Tighty White, Snaggle, Squeege, Air Bags, Yard Sale, Shinola, Dollar Bill, Slash, Crash, John Hillson (FNG), Seinfeld, Nutshell, Check Please, Snookie, Full Monty, Blackout, Peg, Kodak, Gas Cap, Skim, Bullwinkle, Outhouse, Poppa Surf, Gravy, Biscuit, Pom Pom, McDreamy, Booshay

Theme: Be smart when it comes to protecting our lower back.  It applies to all of us, athletes and non-athletes alike. My message to the Pax: “Keep your back happy by keeping your core strong and your hip flexors loose.” Being a physical therapist and a 55 year old athlete, it’s important to me and my patients to train smarter AND harder.

The Thang


Side Straddle Hops x 15

Moroccan Night Club x 7 – Both directions😱….rookie mistake.

Arm Circles – x 7 – Both directions.

Limp Member x 10 secs x 2

Side Bends x 10 secs – both directions. (“I thought we were limp?”)

LBC x 10

Kneeling hip flexor stretches.


Mosey to the baseball field, over the fence.

ABC’s – Ape Crawl, Bear Crawl + Crab Crawl 4 x 15 yards each, 2 groups, 2 triangles, planks until 6 is in.

Hollow Holds rolling into Superman’s – 4 x 20 sec/20 sec holds.

Mosey – with Carioca and side shuffles in both directions – to walkway.

Tabata – 6x [20 sec/10 sec] >> Pushups/shoulder blade squeeze – Music: Daughtry. Lots of groaning merited the calling of an audible from the originally planned 8 reps.

Mosey to lunges x 30 yards into backwards strides x 30 yards emphasizing “use your glutes and open your hips”.

Mosey around middle parking lot

Star Jacks/Merkins – 5 x (5/5)

Mosey – with Carioca and side shuffles in both directions weaves thru white parking posts – back to flag.

Core Time

Crunches – 5 reps for each: Straight crunch, 45’s left, 45’s right, Butterflies, Spread ’em, Left up, Right Up, Straight crunch.

Kneeling hip flexor stretches x 2 each

Downward Dog x 2


FNG John Hillson (sp?) shared a great story (not to be shared) earning him the name Free Loader.

The Pax worked very hard while I tried to include a bit more hip flexibility and core strength work sticking with the theme of a Happier Back. Staying injury-free is a goal for all of us and it doesn’t mean “pacing” ourselves or slowing our activities down. As I shared with he now-sweaty F3 men, I’ve learned that the safest approach for us “mature athletes” is work harder while including more flexibility work, roller exercises and trusted core exercises.

Closed with special prayer requests and a group prayer of gratitude and continued strength.

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