I Can’t Stand-Sally

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  • When: 8/13/18
  • QIC: Pusher
  • The PAX: Pyro, Jumanji, Toxic and FnF (double respect)





“I Can’t STAND – Sally “

Warm up
1.Side straddle hop x20
2.little baby Arm circles forward and backward x15
3.The reacher x12
4.Don Quixote x13
5.Imperial walker x16

Station 1
Music “Can’t stand losing you” by Sting
burpees during chorus (total =26)
Jog in place / high knees / butt kicks during other parts of the song

Run: 50% to run to 2 light 75% run around corner 100% run To end

Station 2
25 flutter kicks – in cadence
25 hello Dolly’s – in cadence
8 extra hello Dolly’s – in cadence (for toxic)
50 lbc’s – one your own

Station 3
Inch worm fire hydrant-10 burpees
Lunge to curb – 20 Carolina dry docks
Mosey back to starting line
Bear crawl to fire hydrant-20
Bear crawl to curb
Mosey back

Station 4
25 Squat jacks
25 bobby Hurley
50 squats
Gassers around there cones on basketball court

Station 5
Music “The only way I know” by Jason Aldean
25 Dips
25 Merkins
step ups until song is over
Repeat song
50 dips
25 Merkins
Run 1 lap
Step ups until song is over

Station 6
Music: “Flower (Bring Sally up)”by Moby
1st time – squats up and down
Repeat first 1/2 of song – leg extensions

Cool down: Music
Imperial walker x 15
25 LBc’s
15 lbc with knee bent x 2
Plank for 90 seconds
Lindsay Lohan


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