Ascending levels of pain

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19 Pax this am: The Barry Shinkoff, Big Bird, Bing, Dial-Up, Dr. Okie, Eileen, Fued, Heisenberg, Jumanji, Lifo, Lucky Charms, Septum, Sherpa, Snuffy, SOC, Throat swab, Traf, Updraft, and Synapse. Welcome and proper disclaimer given.

The Warmup
20 Backstroke IC
20 Squats IC
20 Plank Jacks IC
20 LBCs IC

The Thang

Bataan Death March to King Street garage.
Once there count off by 4s. Each group to a stairwell for Ascending Levels of Pain. (borrowed from a recent Twister Q and modified.)
Doing 5 of each PAIN exercises at each level, adding 5 more with each ascending level.
P- Merkins
A – American hammers
I – Iron Mike
N- Never cross Dolly
Pax run backwards down the ramp, decreasing number of PAIN exercises by 5 at each level.

Bataan Death March back to playground.
Bear Crawl + pullups
Pax do bear crawl around short circuit, then do 10 pullups. While waiting for the six from the Bataan Death March, continue while decreasing the number of pull-ups by 1 after each bear crawl circuit.

“Victim or Victor” Your choice. Attitude
Genesis 42:36 “All these things are against me.” Jacob
Romans 8:28 “All things work together for good to those who love God.” Paul
Prayers for Updraft’s son-knee

Your Truely,

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