Merkin Mania

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  • When: 8/30/2018
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Meter Maid (FNG and respect), Kodak, Goon, Skim, Full Monte (respect), Peg, Seinfeld, Bullwinkle, Papa Smurf (double respect), Snooki, Shinola, Biscuit, Gravy, Blackout (respect), Slash (respect), Outhouse, McDreamy (respect), Airbags (respect), Yard Sale, Osteen, Squeege (respect), Bada Bing, Nutshell

In preparation for his 15th Q, YHC decided to finally introduce some supplemental support.  As such, YHC woke up 5 minutes earlier than usual, grabbed two orange cones, drove to the football field and placed them near the 40 yard line.  When YHC walked back to the goal line and realized the cones were not visible and therefore largely (if not entirely) irrelevant, YHC wanted to have his 5 minutes of sleep back.  Minutes later, YHC spirits were lifted when 23 men climbed out of their cars and posted for some Merkin Mania.   During the Warm-A-Rama, YHC admonished the PAX that the limp member should always be done OYO (unless the M is participating).  Oh and an FNG posted.  With no further ado…


11 Michael Phelps, Little Baby Arm Circles Forward/Backward, SSH, Hillbillies, Limp Member, The Reacher, Mountain Climbers, Tempo Merkins and 20 LBCs.


Round 1: Playing Cards-  Joker=Merkins, Aces= Diamond Merkins, Kings=Right Staggered Merkins, Queens=Left Staggered Merkins, Jacks=Wide Merkins

At each light pole, one man pulled a card and the group performed 15 reps of the exercise associated with that card (e.g. Joker=Merkins).  From light pole to light pole, the PAX moseyed, backpedaled, lunged, bear crawled and karaoked.

Round 2: Playing Cards-  Joker=Wild, Aces= 10 Burpees, Kings=20 Flutter Kicks, Queens=20 Squats, Jacks=20 Pickle Pounders

One man pulled a card and the group performed the exercise and reps associated with that card (e.g. Aces=10 Burpees).  The PAX then sprinted to the 40 yard line, performed 20 LBCs and sprinted back to the goal line.  Rinse and Repeat many times.

Mosey to Flagpole and end with some Staggered Merkins.

COT:  F2 lunch coming up next Friday, September 7th.   Prayers and Thanksgiving for the PAX and for those not with us.


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