Thunderstruck in the Badlands

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  • When: 09/04/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Dolla' Bill, Air Bags (respect), McDreamy (respect), Papa Smurf (double helping of respect), Outhouse, Kodak, Pom Pom, Bullwinkle, Peg, Osteen, Yard Sale, Biscuit and Gravy.

After a brief lightning delay this morning, Badlands got it rolling, with 14 intrepid Badlanders ready to run! Big salute to the Clydesdales who stuck with a workout long on short bursts of intensity and pushed themselves hard. #inspiring! And big thanks to my sound man, MixMaster McD, for providing the audio support for the Beep Test.

• Mosey: Form two lines, and then mosey, in cadence, down toward the second parking lot.
• Side straddle hops: purportedly in cadence… 10 or so before the lack of cadenicity caused YHC to lose it, which subsequently led to…
• 29s: Five verbalized SSHs, followed by 24 silent SSHs, with everyone ending in cadence or SEVERE punishment to be dished out. The focused pax NAILED it, thereby avoiding 500 or so broad-jump burpees.
• Hillbilly: 10 IC
• Curtsy lunge / skater lunge / Apollo Oh No’s: 10 OYO
• The Dirty Dog: 10 OYO

The Thang
• 14 Minutes of Fun: Practicing the Beep Test! Run through level 14 of the dastardly beep test, pushing up near to max level, and then stopping as needed. Goal: Even at the higher levels, run at least two shuttles in a row, to maximize the benefit of the stop/start. The Pax was executing at a high level, with several members not shutting it down until well into level 10 and everyone stringing together multiple shuttles at the high levels– strong!
• Waiter Doracides: Partner up. P1 grabs the coupon, holds it overhead with one hand, runs down to the end of the parking lot, switches coupon to other hand, runs back. P2 doing hand-release merkins while P1 is running. Switch. Original plan: Each team do 144 such merkins (72 apiece) to pay tribute to the 72 pounds that Gravy has lost. Audibled it to 110 total merkins per team.
• Paver Jacks: A SSH while holding a paver overhead. P1 does paver jacks, while P2 runs down to end of parking lot, executes 10 monkey humpers, and runs back. Switch. 300 total paver jacks per team.
• Mosey back to the flag.

How can we get better? Practice. What do we practice? Whatever is weak. How do we know where we’re weak? We know we can all get better on the beep test, that’s obvious. How about in our lives? Ask others — spouse, kids, colleagues, your F3 buddies — for frank feedback: What can I do better? How can I improve? Others will see things that are blind to us.

Always a pleasure and an honor, and thanks for bringing it today — Slash out!

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